Which preposition to use with noding

to Occurrences 369%

" Darrow nodded to me and drew his principal aside.

of Occurrences 157%

"So you are back again, Mr. Henshaw," he said with a careless nod of greeting as they encountered in the hall of the hotel.

in Occurrences 138%

Then, with a smile and a nod, I left them, and all in the little crowd smiled and nodded in return, though their faces still betrayed their puzzlement.

at Occurrences 120%

"Oh, I'm leavin' the fox-face for luck," Dillon nodded at the Colonel.

toward Occurrences 74%

"A man to see the manager," announced Miss Briggs, nodding toward a quiet figure seated on the "waiting bench.

with Occurrences 69%

He had passed through the village without exchanging more than a surly nod with the inhabitants and gone on toward the House.

from Occurrences 48%

On a nod from his superior officer he opened the ledger and took up Darrow's record.

towards Occurrences 43%

He nodded towards the river as the travellers looked back.

on Occurrences 17%

was a remark that if he made it once he did a dozen times, always finding it greeted by answering nods on the part of his two companions.

over Occurrences 14%

" Mr. Fontaine nodded over his tea.

FOR Occurrences 12%


without Occurrences 6%

" Dan nodded without words.

between Occurrences 6%

Andrew nodded between coughs.

across Occurrences 5%

I urge you to an April mood, for the winds of Spring are up and daffodils nod across the garden.

like Occurrences 3%

Parker nodded, pursing his lips, and kept on nodding like a broken automatic toy.

as Occurrences 3%

This attorney, who had, perhaps, never had a compensation case before, was quite a great man, and took the arbitrator's assenting nods as so much cash down.

beneath Occurrences 3%

Here gay description Egypt glads with showers, Or gives to Zembla fruits, to Barca flowers; Glittering with ice here hoary hills are seen, There painted valleys of eternal green; In cold December fragrant chaplets blow, And heavy harvests nod beneath the snow.

above Occurrences 2%

But a tall hedge interrupted his view, and, though he stared long and earnestly, all he could see that day was a pea-stick nodding above it.

after Occurrences 2%

As Stafford returned to the billiard-room, Falconer nodded after him.

along Occurrences 2%

Love is quenched; dreams drown in sleep; Ruin nods along the deep: Only thou immortally Hauntest on This poor earth in Time's flux caught; Hauntest on, pursued, unwon, Phantom child of memory, Beauteous one!

during Occurrences 1%

At the lecture, he was so startled by the eulogistic presentation of the lecturer to the audience, by the excellent chief of the committee, that I believe he did not once nod during the evening.

down Occurrences 1%

" As they left the house the engineer nodded down the road.

near Occurrences 1%

The negress nodded near her young mistress; the tired Alderman sate with his back supported against the mizen-mast, giving audible evidence of his situation; and Ludlow stood erect, occasionally throwing an earnest look on the surrounding and unruffled waters, and then lending his attention to the discourse of his companions.

by Occurrences 1%

Sometimes, when the old grandmother sits nodding by the fire, and the bigger children sleep in their beds, old Babouscka comes hobbling into the room, and whispers softly, "Is the young Child here?

beside Occurrences 1%

Instinct seemed to lead her to the sick-room, and when she reached it she paid not the slightest attention to the old man and his wife, who sat nodding beside the bed.

Which preposition to use with  noding