50 Verbs to Use for the Word cavaliers

At the hall door some one tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned to find my silken cavalier.

you never saw such an elegant cavalier as he has made himself!" Redbud only smiled sadly, and turned away her head.

"That's just what young ladies always say," replied her cavalier, philosophically; "whatever they like, they are sure to call impudent.

In a damp, dirty chamber, whose brick floor seemed to have been unsuspicious of even the existence of brooms for centuries, was sitting the cavalier whom we have so often named in connection with Agnes.

To each of his lords, as they drank, he sent round, by his pages, gifts of enamelled cups of exquisite workmanship; and to every body some mark of his princely distinction; and so they were all sitting and hearing music, and feasting off dishes of gold, and talking of lovely things with low voices, when suddenly there came into the hall four enormous giants, in the midst of whom was a lady, and behind the lady there followed a cavalier.

" Meanwhile, just as old Elsie and Agnes were turning into the orange-orchard which led into the Gorge of Sorrento, they met the cavalier of the evening before.

That night Djaida took rest; but the following day she joined the military exercises, challenged many cavaliers, and exhibited so much address and bravery, that she produced great astonishment among the spectators.

Il entra dans Yamgbatsar avec de la pluie, n'ayant pour cortége qu'une cinquantaine de cavaliers avec douze archers, ses esclaves, qui marchoient à pied devant lui.

I might have been Countess of St. Eval, but my end was accomplished, and I dismissed my devoted cavalier.

Les dames donnent la main droitegaucheà leurs cavaliers, ladies give the rightlefthands to partners.

we have necessarily been compelled to elbow the cavaliers from the stage, and pass by in silence, without listening to them.

" "And what," exclaimed the cavalier, "can you find to love in your severe and repelling uncle?" "Not severe, not repelling, to me.

"Brave homme, dit le capitaine, montrez-moi, je vous prie, un champ je puisse faire fourrager mes cavaliers.

The name to me had a fine Cromwellian ring; and Blood's Depôtwhat a truculent sound to that!if you haven't forgotten the plumed dare-devil cavalier who once made a dash to steal the king's regalia from the Tower.

Bassompierre was consequently at the summit of happiness; his ambition and his heart were alike satisfied, and he received the congratulations of those around him with an undisguised delight, which, in so proverbially gay and gallant a cavalier, could not fail to prove highly flattering to the object of his attachment.

She has the quaintest way of handing her surplus cavaliers on to me, but I really much prefer Victor and Boggley as companions.

She had her place between her two adorers, and while her arms were folded before her in front of the box, over which she leaned, she managed to clasp a hand of both, so that each imagined himself the cavalier of her choice.

" Finding the Christian King forbore to make an attack, Musa incited his cavaliers to challenge the youthful chivalry of the Christian army to single combat or partial skirmishes.

By no means;she saw in him only a handsome young fellow, whose education could not prosper under the supervision of such a mere child as Redbud; and thus she found herself called upon to superintend it in her proper person, and for that purpose now designed to commence initiating the youthful cavalier into the science of the heart without delay.

What has an honest girl to do with knowing gay cavaliers?" said Dame Elsie, bestirring herself with packing the remaining oranges into a basket, which she covered trimly with a heavy linen towel of her own weaving.

Robert remembered that noble father who had so often held him on his knee, that poor father whose mysterious fate was unknown, and he thought how wicked it was for his mother to marry the fox-hunting, gin-tippling cavalier, Hugh Price.

Among various family pictures, I noticed particularly Sir Walter's great grandfather, the old cavalier mentioned in one of the epistles in Marmion, who let his beard grow after the execution of Charles I., and who here appears, accordingly, with a most venerable appendage of silver whiteness, reaching even unto his girdle.

In this battle he fought hand to hand with and overcame a Vendean cavalier.

She had not slept long when she was awakened by the trampling of a horse; and getting up, and looking cautiously through the trees, she perceived a cavalier, who dismounted from his steed, and sat himself down by the water in a melancholy posture.

Travelers took the left of the road, and this placed the cavalier between his lady and any possible danger.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  cavaliers