28 Words to use with larboard

Then upon the morning of the sixth day came there a cry from the bo'sun, who had the command of the lifeboat, that there was something which might be land afar upon our larboard bow; but it was very low lying, and none could tell whether it was land or but a morning cloud.

An hour or two later, the Sea Lion was staggering along before a westerly gale, with the Hermit of Cape Horn on her larboard beam distant three leagues.

By this accident we lost three men overboard with the caboose, and nearly the whole of the larboard bulwarks.

"There is a look on the water, about a league off here on the larboard quarter, that seems as if something would come out of it.

The Briton stood steadily on, and the two ships passed each other, within pistol-shot, a minute or two later, when we let fly all our larboard guns.

"Stand by, to let go the larboard anchor," said Captain G.; "Cheerily, menlet go!"

The larboard boat, commanded by the mate, and the waist-boat, by the second mate, were head and head.

As this land did not correspond to the descriptions of Greenland, they left it on the larboard hand, and continued sailing two days, when they saw another land, which was flat and overgrown with wood.

Here, rig this larboard pump at once, and get it in motion.

brace the main-yard sharp uphaul in the larboard fore-bracesdown with the fore-tack, lads, and haul aft the sheet;right the helm!

"STEAM-BOAT EXPLOSION.Captain Duncan, of the 'Swan,' reports that the tow-boat, 'Daniel Webster,' burst her larboard boiler on the 6th instant, while towing in a vessel over the South-west Bar.

But an artifice was practised to prevent her heading into the harbor's mouth, the line having been brought inboard abaft her larboard cathead, a circumstance which necessarily gave her a sheer in the contrary direction, or to the eastward of the entrance.

Suddenly a wreath of white smoke curled up from the forecastle, and a moment later a ball came skipping over the water under their larboard deck, while the boom of a cannon sounded over the sea.

"We are now going to leeward, all the while, I don't know, sir, that there is positively a current here, but" "Very well, sirvery wellhaul up on the larboard tack, as soon as possible, and get the larboard batteries clear.

Whistle up the larboard watch, bo'sun, and tumble into the boats, all hands.

The boat then skirted the larboard netting, which was half under water.

Giving a stroke with the larboard oar, I saw, hove to, a fishing-schooner,her whole crew of skipper, three men, and a boy standing at the gangway and looking with all their ten eyes to make out, if possible, what strange kind of sea-monster had turned up.

Then George cried out that something was at the cover of the larboard window, and we stood back, growing ever more fearful because that some evil creature was so eager to come at us.

And now, since this little difficulty about the money is gotten over, by my presence of mind, with your Honour's leave, I'll just step aloft, and cast loose the lashings of that bit of a tailor on the larboard fore-yard-arm.

The ship headed the same way all the time, but the wind and the waves, instead of taking her directly aft, now struck her by the larboard quartera very dangerous situation, which exposes a ship to receive bad surges.

The sentries glanced quickly at our papers, not reading, I am sure, a word of mine, speedily cast off ropes, and disappeared guiltily and somewhat unsteadily over the larboard rail.

Austin, who was on the yard of the foretop-sail, was struck by the larboard sheet-rope.

The hands were hardly in the lee fore rigging, before I saw the fifty falling off to our course, her yards squared, and signs aboard her that she had larboard studding sails as well as ourselves.

She shall have the larboard stateroom in my cabin until morning, where she and her uncle may live a great deal more comfortably than in one of their out-of-door Neapolitan rookeries.

The larboard stays of the foremast snapped first; then the shrouds on the same side doubled in a great bight and parted; next the mast, with a loud, shrieking crash, splintered and went by the board.

28 Words to use with  larboard