34 Metaphors for delays

The determined, desperate spirits who had shared his plans were scattered forever, and longer delay would be destruction for him also.

As rumors of a march toward Manassas increased, Mr. and Mrs. Bowen took her to Dartford: there was no telegraph-line to Ridgefield, and but one daily mail, and now a day's delay of news might be a vital loss.

Delay is the song.

In that event every day's delay on our part will be a stain upon our national honor, as well as a denial of justice to our injured citizens.

The delay was a godsend to the Americans, who now learned the strength of the enemy.

Why thus you see (my Lord) how your delaies Were mightilie and with huge cause enforste.

At once a brief farewell; Delay to lovers is a second hell.

On the other hand, the delay of fourteen years after the Capitulation of 1760 and the unwarrantable extension of the provincial boundaries were cardinal errors of the most disastrous kind.

The delay of the Spanish officers to fulfill the treaty existing with His Catholic Majesty is a source of deep regret.

But the delay was a mere matter of form.

If not promptly passed, a delay of another year will be the consequence, and may prove destructive to the white settlements in Oregon.

Every moment's delay was unspeakable agony.

This delay was a torment to her, but it must be endured.

(Delay at any price was Guglielmi's object.)

Claudius, who had returned home, and had recovered some of his facile equanimity in the pleasures of the table, showed signs of relenting; but Narcissus knew that delay was death, and on his own authority sent a tribune and centurions to despatch the Empress.

As yet no harm has happened to any of our ships, and the delay at this point of some of the squadron for three months, is more an inconvenience to me than a disadvantage in any other way.

A five minutes' delay was to her a serious annoyance, and demanded an accurate explanation.

Those who shall be inclined to reject the petition, may, perhaps, act with no less regard to the merchants, and may promote their interest and their security with no less ardour than those who most solicitously labour for its reception: for, if they are not allowed to be heard, it is only because the publick interest requires expedition, and because every delay of our preparations is an injury to trade.

To this was added the most exorbitant interest, as usually happens in times of war; the whole sums being called in, on which occasion they alleged that the delay of a single day was a donation.

Delay is madness, ruin, whereas woman's rights are not a life and death business, now or never.

In one way this delay has been a good thing.

Dispatch, in things of this nature, if not a security, at least delay is a sure way to lose, as you have done, being easily chose at York, for not resolving in time, and Aldburgh, for not applying soon enough to Lord Pelham.

The murderer thief is tracked down by Krishna and killed, but only after many delays is the jewel at last recovered from Akrurathe leading Yadava who earlier in the story has acted first as Raja Kansa's envoy to Krishna and later as Krishna's envoy to Kunti.

That inevitable delay was the occasion of the victory of the Allies; for, if the battle had been opened at seven o'clock, the French would have defeated Wellington's army before a Prussian regiment could have arrived on the field.

The slightest delay in administering the bath, or the emetic, may be fatal; hence, the importance of nurses about very young children being acquainted with the symptoms.

34 Metaphors for  delays