39 Words to use with castles

" About the same hour, and in a neighboring street, one of the "not responsibles" knocked on the Villivicencio castle gate.

Then said she, Take them into the castle-yard to-morrow, and show them the bones and skulls of those that thou hast already despatched, and make them believe, ere a week comes to an end, thou wilt tear them in pieces, as thou hast done their fellows before them.

This enormous transfer of property did not take place without the most formidable resistance, but when a period of tranquillity arrived came the era of castle-building.

Then she said farewell to Aucassin, and climbed up the castle-wall where it had been broken in the siege.

"This small space is as lovely as the large castle-garden used to be.

The stranger, becoming confident, would stop on his way and after being ushered into the castle-hall, would display pieces of velvet and silk, trinkets and strange objects whose use was unknown in those parts.

The riot now began to be general, and Iago, who had set on foot the mischief, was foremost in spreading the alarm, causing the castle-bell to be rung (as if some dangerous mutiny instead of a slight drunken quarrel had arisen): the alarm-bell ringing awakened Othello, who, dressing in a hurry, and coming to the scene of action, questioned Cassio of the cause.

[Previous to the battle of Nancy, Rudolf falls by the hand of Arthur:] A pursuivant brought greetings from the family of the Biedermans to their friend Arthur, and a separate letter addressed to the same person, of which the contents ran thus: "Rudolf Donnerhugel is desirous to give the young merchant, Arthur Philipson, the opportunity of finishing the bargain which remained unsettled between them in the castle-court of Geierstein.

'Twas he who found her sleeping in these woods, All stiff and rigid, pale and seeming dead, When he was building yonder castle-towers.

Such is the man whom we are now to see wandering about the halls and corridors of the great castle-palace.

She replied, "I know it well;" and added instantly: "A woman used to live, my mother tells, In one of its low vaults, so near the sea, That in high tides and northern winds it was No more a castle-vault, but a sea-cave!"

No governor or constable of a castle shall oblige any knight to give money for castle-guard, if the knight be willing to perform the service in person, or by another able-bodied man; and if the knight be in the field himself, by the king's command, he shall be exempted from all other service of this nature.

A Castle-builder is even just what he pleases, and as such I have grasped imaginary Scepters, and delivered uncontroulable Edicts, from a Throne to which conquered Nations yielded Obeysance.

It is a pleasant, easy climb, with the black ancient wall of the city on the left, where it goes up the face of the castle-rock, and on the right the deep ravine, closed by Monte Venere in the west.

"Long live Loneli!;" it sounded again and the echo from the castle-mountain repeated, "Loneli.

The only difference apparent to the eye between the existing state of things and that which formerly obtained is, that there are few street brawls and robberies, though every one goes armed,that the uniform of the soldiers of Francis II. is replaced by the dark gray dress of the National Guard,and that the Hag of the Tyrant King no longer waves over the castle-prison of Sant' Elmo.

And as my heart is beating, My crystal castle rings, Where many a knight and lady In merry measure springs.

Fierce Roderick felt the fatal drain, And showered his blows like wintry rain; And, as firm rock or castle-roof, Against the winter shower is proof, The foe invulnerable still Foiled his wild rage by steady skill;

Where are the 'Four grey walls, and four grey towers,' which overlook a space of flowers?" There, upon the little island, are the castle-ruins, now converted into a useful bone-mill.

And with these words Upon her lips, the Lady Mildred passed Unto the rest prepared for her pure soul; Words that meant only this: I cannot trust Unto her earthly parent my young child, So leave her to her heavenly Father's care; And Heaven was gentle to the motherless, And fair and sweet the maiden, Gladys, grew, A pure white rose in the old castle set,

When he reached the point in the glen where the castle-stairs were wont to be, he could see nothing of them, and above, no trace of the castle-towers.

The castle-steward, leaning back in his chair, said nothing more.

At that instant footsteps were heard in the corridor, and the three old nobles whom we so lately left on the castle-terrace, appeared together in the knights' hall.

In one little section of the Gila and Rio Grande, the people spun and wove a native cotton, manufactured a rude pottery, and lived in houses or castle-towns of unburnt bricks.

Catillo, his castle-villa at Tivoli, became the resort of immoral and disreputable persons.

39 Words to use with  castles