50 Verbs to Use for the Word scarves

I put on an old coat, and wear a scarf, so that they cannot see my face.

I was so cold that I tied a woollen scarf around my head, just as the women in Canada do when they go sleighing or skating.

And first before the King he passed, with reverence stooping low, And next he bowed him to the Queen, and the Infantas all a-row; Then to his lady's grace he turned, and she to him did throw A scarf from out her balcony was whiter than the snow.

Gros Venetian cut work scarf and luncheon set, no. 24-11-81 and -82.

He took a long, soft silken scarf such as Russians wear in winter, and wrapped it round his throat, quite concealing the lower part of his face.

As I came in Mrs. Starkweather rose from her place, drawing a silk scarf around her shoulders.

Much pleased with his ingenuity, he went on winding the long scarf until the yellow little Esquimaux bore a certain whimsical resemblance to one of the adorable Delia Robbia infants.

One of them was adjusting a lace scarf above her hair.

Hoffman stood so near that her dress touched him, and the wind blew her scarf against his hand; and as she thought he watched her while his eyes kindled, his color rose, and once he opened his lips to speak, but she moved at the instant, and exclaimed, "I have it!" "Now for it," he muttered, as if preparing for some new surprise or attack.

For eleven years Martha Foote, then, had beheld humanity throwing its grimy suitcases on her immaculate white bedspreads; wiping its muddy boots on her bath towels; scratching its matches on her wall paper; scrawling its pencil marks on her cream woodwork; spilling its greasy crumbs on her carpet; carrying away her dresser scarfs and pincushions.

And when that time came she caught a scarf around her hair and her shoulders, made of a filmy material which would veil her face but through which she could see, and ventured out of her room and down the hall.

The man, opening his coat, displayed his scarf of office, asking M. Baze, "Do you recognize this?" "You are a worthless wretch," answered the Questor.

" I held up my scout scarf to show him how it blew toward the valley.

Then, assuming her tam-o'-shanter and twisting a silk scarf about her neck, she crept along the corridor and down the wide oak stairs.

"You don't look much like your pictures, my friend," he said, unwinding the scarf that he was wearing round his neck.

"Here is some one coming to us," said Gottfried: and at the same time, and in the opposite direction, Matthew and Ethbert ran out of the house, from which they had perceived the convoy; and all together hastened to meet a warrior, who advanced, waving a scarf, and exclaiming, "Praise God!

The men formed another troop, the hardy mountaineers still wearing the Gallic trousers and plaid, though the artisans and mechanics from the town were clad in the tunic and cloak that were the later Roman dress, and such as could claim the right folded over them the white, purple-edged scarf to which the toga had dwindled.

Tambayang was used for the uppers of sleeves for fiesta, and it formed the scarf worn by mothers to carry the baby.

" Soon after the first volume of his Essay on Pope had been published, Lyttleton, then newly raised to the peerage, gave him his scarf, and submitted some of his writings, before they were printed, to his inspection.

Helen turned pale, and with a reproachful glance skilfully bound it up again, saying, as she handed a silken scarf to Wilhelm, "Make of that a sling, please, and put the poor hand in it.

The next day, very early in the morning, he came quite naked into the street, having only a scarf about his middle, holding in his hand a scythe, and tossing about his hair as the priests of Cybele; then getting on the top of a high altar, he said that the place was happy to be honoured by the birth of a god.

In the hurry of my departure from Villiers I had wrapped a scarlet chiffon scarf about my head, never thinking that a hat would be a very useful article in the daytime.

And leaning out, the night o'erhead, Wind-tossed in many a shining thread, Hung one long scarf of glittering brede.

She rose, replaced her hat over her eyes, knotted her flaunting scarf around her throat, groped her way to the door, and glided into the outer darkness.

It was commonly a dream of a youth in doublet and hose, a plumed cap, and a cloak of purple satin, who came in the moonlight to the balcony of his love, and sighed his passion in tones so moving that she thought an angel must have yieldedas did the girl in the balcony who had let down the scarf to him.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  scarves