250 adjectives to describe capping

She ought also to be acquainted with the art of ironing and trimming little caps, and be handy with her needle.

A round cap of the same material as her dress was set jauntily on the back of her head, and over her shoulder was slung a fiat satchel of worn leather.

Close-cut white hair showed under an old-fashioned peaked cap; he wore a plaid shawl swathed round him, his left arm being enveloped in its folds; his right rested in the arm of his companion, who was taller than he, lean and loose-built, clad in an almost white (and very unseasonable looking) suit of some homespun material.

Their flat round caps give them an odd similarity.

Teddy saw the deer fed and milked, the Lapland women being experts in that line, and found the herders, in their quaint parkas tied around the waist, and conical caps, scarcely less interesting than the deer.

Accomplished in both, he is armed cap-a-pie against the world.

Next below were their husbands and lovers in Sunday blouses, milkmen, butchers, bakers, black-bearded fishermen, Sicilian fruiterers, swarthy Portuguese sailors, in little woollen caps, and strangers of the graver sort; mariners of England, Germany, and Holland.

This Katherine denied, saying she would rather see him hanged on Sunday, and reproached her father for wishing to wed her to such a mad-cap ruffian as Petruchio.

And hence it may not be hazardous to conclude that very ordinary metamorphic agencies may convert these polar caps into a form of quartzite.

And he wore a ragged old jacket and a gray cloth cap, discolored by long usage.

They were dark, black-bearded men, strangely dressed, some with fawn-coloured cloaks with broad stripes, others in a scarlet uniform, and they wore cone-shaped scarlet caps.

"Like yours, my report is not satisfactory in all respects," began the second spirit, who wore a very pointed cap and a finely ornamented cloak.

They decked themselves in British uniforms, stuck the tall caps of the grenadiers above their painted faces, wound neck, wrist, and ankle with gold lace, made the wood to echo with the dreadful scalp-halloo.

I did not remark that there was blood on my head until my companions told me I had better put on a clean cap, because mine was covered with red spots.

A silver-hilted rapier and a plumed cap lying upon a settle beside him completed a costume which was a badge of honour to the wearer, for any Frenchman would have recognised it as being that of an officer in the famous Blue Guard of Louis the Fourteenth.

Little Daffy-down-dilly started in great dismay; and, turning his eyes to the captain of the company, what should he see but the very image of old Mr. Toil himself, with a smart cap and feather on his head, a pair of gold epaulets on his shoulders, a laced coat on his back, a purple sash round his waist, and a long sword, instead of a birch rod, in his hand!

Several of the workmen had pressed in with the students in the morning into the inner town, and some big men, with rough darned coats and dirty caps over their ears, were seen clenching their fists for the fight.

He took off a rather ragged cap politely, and stood up on one foot, resting the cut one on the rock.

Tiny white caps feathered the water.

She places a golden crown on the brow of the slave and flings a tasselled cap at the master.

"I am certain, however, that the backbone of the alliance was brokenits only excuse for existence destroyedwhen they permitted me to learn of the wireless percussion cap which would have placed the navies of the world at their mercy.

Hearing a rustling of the branches, Little John stopped and presently caught sight of the brown cowhide cap of the Tanner moving among the bushes.

There too was the portly Dr. Griffiths, of the Monthly Review, with his literary wife in her neat and elevated wire-winged cap!

He had pulled his magic cap over my head, at his feet was his shadow and my own, and his hand played with the parchment.

They were a likely-looking lot of fellowsthe faded flannel caps and careless way in which they sauntered towards the pitch proclaiming the fact that each one was a veteran player.

250 adjectives to describe  capping