31 adverbs to describe how to skipping

Nimbly the foe skipped to either side and Harris felt a keen pain in his right side.

When the open carriage with its pair of handsome grays had bumped over the rough entrance to the Cobhurst estate, and had drawn up to the front of the house, Miss Dora skipped lightly out, and rang the door-bell.

" Mäzli joyfully skipped back to her place, and the merriment was resumed.

" Dr. Chantel struck a few jangling chords, and skipping adroitly over sick notes, ran a flourish.

Another example of Epiphanius' manner in skipping backwards and forwards from one Synoptic to another may be seen in 218 D, which is made up of Matt.

"Form for the grand wedding march, the beautiful snake charmer and the noble camel in front!" Betty skipped forward cheerily and wound an olive arm round the camel's neck.

She skipped clumsily round the table and stood before him with her hands clasped.

Manuel went to the window, and lifted the scarlet curtain figured with ramping gold dragons, and he looked out, to find a vast number of tiny bluish lights skipping about confusedly and agilely in the darkness, like shining fleas.

With her maids sat gentle Swanwhite 'neath a roof of gleaming shields, As the rarer lily blossoms 'mid the green herbs of the fields; To and fro their merry words flew lightly through the torch-lit room, Like a shuttle deftly skipping through the mazes of the loom.

In the noon blaze, Pêng skipped derisively, jeered at them, performed a brief but indecorous pantomime, and then, kicking up his heels with joy, scurried for his life.

Her expectation was no doubt about to be gratified, for a smile broke over her face, as she left the window and skipped downstairs; when she re-entered, she was accompanied by her intended husband.

"And did you notice how scared poor Ajo was, and how he skipped as fearfully as though he had committed some crime?

But the sight of Veronica, skipping gaily before her along the path, whistling to the birds, calling the squirrels, whispering affectionate words to the shy flowers, made her fears seem ridiculous, and her resolution wavered and threatened to crumble.

Joe skipped out gratefully.

She skipped away happily with a good-bye kiss to her mother, who was tired out with her labors.

Now and then some one idly skips a stone over the water.

A man in very low spirits, reading over his diary, somehow lights upon and dwells upon all the sad and wounding things; he involuntarily skips the rest, or reads them with but faint perception of their meaning.

Jone and I have got so much more to see before we go home, that it is very well we are both able to skip around lively.

As he passed into the lower part of the city, his attention was arrested by the number of coloured children he saw skipping merrily along with their bags of books on their arms.

There she presents herself, whilst kings and peers Look gravely on whilst fierce Bellona fights; Yet maiden modesty her motions steers, Nor rudely skips o'er bishops' heads like knights.

see what you done," he continued, skipping safely out of range; "dented yore nice new frypan all up.

Did you think the police might be after him?" "Not for anything I know about, only he skipped out mighty sudden.

Sweeny looked at the precipice, skipped about the shelf uneasily, made a struggle with his fears, and asked, "Will ye let me down aisy?" "Jest 's easy 's rollin' off a log.

When she said she must go, he skipped upstairs for his hat, and wafted the gods their kiss.

There is also some skipping, as when new bureaus are formed or when death or retirement offer opportunities for the favored few to move forward or skip upward.

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