160 Metaphors for  hope

160 Metaphors for hope

Her hope is a kind of assurance, her faith a continual expectation, her love an apprehension of joy, and her life the light of eternity.


He was a natural-born strategist, of course, for through him ran the blood of the craftiest race of all the earth, the blood of a people who have always fought against odds, to whom a forlorn hope is an assurance of victory.

The only hope for humanity is the normally destructive Gamera.

He waited to hear no more; if he had paused for a moment he might have learned that the hope of twenty-five hundred was an illusion and a snare.

Annihilate reverence, and life loses its fine sensitiveness, and when sensitiveness goes out of a life the hope that remains is only a flippant rashness, a thoughtless impetuosity, the careless onrush of the kine, and not a firm, assured perception of a triumph that is only delayed.

But my hope was that paradigm for adjudicating claims would emerge out of all this, developed with input from survivors for a change.

That this hope was not vain, the character of the good Alexander, since proved by a life of undeviating promptness to all acts of humanity, may be a sufficient voucher.

His last hope had been the retreat southward in the month of February.

Hope is the chief blessing of man, and that hope only is rational, of which we are certain that it cannot deceive us.

p. 434.] As the bishops and parochial clergy lived apart with their families, and were more connected with the world, the hopes of success with them were fainter; and the pretence for making them renounce marriage was much less plausible.

Wit is a creeping dotard, and Happiness he is in poor health an' can barely drag himself to me table, an' Hope is a tippler, an' Right Hand is getting the palsy.

Lord Bryce still believes in democracy in spite of his keen realizations of its grievous defects, because, as he says, hope is an inextinguishable quality of the human soul.

Still hope is only an instinctive throb with which Nature's motherly care comforts adversity.

"Thou destroyest the hopes of man" was the text.

Hope and patience are two sovereign remedies for all, the surest reposals, the softest cushions to lean on in adversity: "Durum sed levius fit patientia, Quicquid corrigere est nefas.

"I think hope is ever a better watchword." "Aye," murmured Huntington, as Dolly summoned courage to cross the room, "it is one I will carry ever with me, Pamela, if you bid me do so."

Hope and fear are inconstant pleasure and pain, arising from the idea of something past or to come, concerning whose coming and whose issue we are still in doubt.

Hope had not gone many yards from his own door when he was confronted by one of those ruffians who, by their way of putting it, are the eternal butt of iniquitous people and iniquitous things, namely, honest men, curse them!

Following a mauling at the hands of Man City last Wednesday, hopes were high Arsenal could quickly bounce back.

Because tonight an improbably hope became an undeniable reality, Buttigieg said.

The planet’s only hope is four regular soldiers of the Empire (well, three regular soldiers and one extra large one).


Going Local: Hope in a Time of Crisis is a festival of cutting-edge ideas and inspiration at the Byron Community Centre 20–22 March.

One faint hope, his grace inspiring, Is a mightier thing than they.

The hope that uplifts her is the hope of a better world, which our children shall see.

The name was formerly spelt Blencan's-hopethe hope being valley or hollowand the Castle, like many other places, has its legendary "White Lady."

De Sunflower Ain't de Daisy; Hope; I'm Glad; Is It Raining, Little Flower?; Keep On Keepin' On; Playing the Game; To the Men Who Lose. APPLETON, EVERARD JACK.

The Ghani government also expressed hope for the Biden presidency, though since they’ve been trying to undermine the peace process, it’s not clear that hope is an expectation that the peace process will continue.

Their hope is malevolence, and their good is evil.

"But while we hope for a breakthrough, hope is not a plan.

Hope and prayer are a big ingredient in centenarian Alene Gates secret to longevity.

It means that the hope of democracy is the instinctive power in the breast of common humanity to recognize the highest when it appears.

My hope was that Mrs. Harris, who talked well, and was never weary of that sort of well-doing, would keep on her own subjects of interest, to the exclusion of mine.

The hopes, the fears, the sorrows, the joys, the very things which we call faults in menso strong and courageous are the old prophets in this fundamental faith of theirs that man and God are alikethe very things we call faults in men are attributed to the Almighty.

The last hope of the city was her Christian bishop; and the great Leo, who was to Rome what Augustine had been to Carthage when that capital also fell into the hands of Vandals, hastened to the barbarian's camp.

Strong were his hopes a rival to remove, With blandishments to gain the public love: To head the faction while their zeal was hot, And popularly prosecute the Plot.

The best hope for Democrats at the state level is a big Cooper victory.

I like not the contradiction, for just as my hopes are a little raised by what I have witnessed, perhaps a little too near, they are all blown to the winds by such a frown as San Gennero himself might cast upon a sinner.

The hope of meeting his loved ones had been meat and drink and rest for him.

My hopes are it wil prove no lesse pleasing to the Reader then it has formerly beene to the Spectators; and, so prooving, I have my aime and full desire.

The hope is this sort of monitoring could help health officials better understand public sentiment on education, concerns and priorities during crises like the Coronavirus pandemic.

The hope of learning the purpose through the ages, the following of the gleam, is the preoccupation of the insane.

Hope was the augury of his love; hope's livery he wore; Yet at his side each squire of his a trenchant rapier bore.

Hope is a female, domestic medium-hair kitten who is about 3 months old.

Hope is the sunshine of the soul.

That hope and herself are goneshe to wither into patiently pining declineit to make room for drudgery."

Hope is instead an effort by the United Arab Emirates, an oil-rich country smaller than Maine and one that has never sent anything into the solar system.

In one of the mottoes in Felix Holt she uses a fine sentence, which is repeated in "A Minor Prophet." Our finest hope is finest memory.

Hope was too strong a stimulus for her spirits; and when fear did take possession of her mind, it was attended with total debility.