32 Metaphors for instant

It was so with Stephen White's silence: in ordinary intercourse, he was social genial; he talked more than average men talk; he took or seemed to take, more interest than men usually take in the common small talk of average people; but the instant there was a manifestation of anger, of discord of any thing unpleasant, he entrenched himself in silence.

An instant was a very short time!

The instant she was gone every tongue was let slip on the marvel of her beauty; but, though theirs were only the loose New Orleans morals of over fifty years ago, their unleashed tongues never had attempted any greater liberty than to take up the pet name, 'Tite Poulette.

That instant came the black chaotic abandon that was terror absolute.

I could hear the sharp clang of the bell; but the next instant there was a terrific roar, and the superstructure began to vomit steam through the engine-room skylight just abaft the little wheel-house.

Here the footsteps seemed to come to a pause, and an instant later there came a sound like a loud splash in the water below.

Instant and reassuring came Crowther's reply.

The next instant there was a shot, a wild cry as of mingled pain and fury, the sound of a heavy fall and a struggle.

But she was not quick enough, had seen too late; and that instant came the dénouement.

An instant later came a rending, shattering crash that shook the hotel to its foundations, the walls of my room rocked and reeled, about me, and for a breathless moment I thought that the building was going to collapse.

That instant of renunciation was our true marriage.

The same instant there came a blinding, dazzling light; then, that awful vacuous rattle in the throat of thunder that tells it comes in the name of Death the destroyer.

An instant after he made his last effort he was the dead cock in the pit.

The next instant the propeller became a whirring blur, and the aeroplane, after a brief preliminary run, began to climb upward.

The next instant there came a loud thwack, which told that the boy's shaft had found its mark.

The next instant he was dead; and there is much reason to believe that the demons who had watched him, and encouraged him in his besetting sin, laughed at this consummation of their malignant arts!

That instant was a blast, not to speak irreverently, which sounded like the crack of doom.

The next instant there was a tense tightening of the muscles of the man on the table.

The next instant there came a cry from Peggy.

Every instant the clouds of smoke came southward, where the rebel lines were concealed by the thick copses.

One instant it would be a wild dream of overrunning the East.

First, however, I would distinctly state, that it is only as and while a soul is under the full power of the blood of Christ that it can be cleansed from all sin; that one moment's withdrawal from that power, and it is again actively, because really, sinning;... one instant of standing alone is certain fall.

Next instant there was a crash of musketry, and rifles spat fire and lead from a long semicircle behind the spot from which the star shell had risen.

The younger warrior sprang like a deer over his fallen comrade and dashed on into the wood, but an instant later there was a gunshot among the trees in front, followed by a faint wailing cry.

In this letter he begins by saying he is glad of the intimation given of the intentions of the minister of France [not stated what they are], and pleased though distressed at the information that the 24th instant is the day for the meeting of Congress.

32 Metaphors for  instant