216 Metaphors for seconded

"The second was a group of ferns tied by a little wreath of pansies; nothing could be more beautiful.

The second is "the Vine angle," and represents the "Drunkenness of Noah."

There is perhaps a slight probability that the first was suggested by our Gospel, and considering the character of the verifiable quotations in Barnabas, which often follow the sense only and not the words, the second may be 'a free reminiscence of Matt.

The lowest of these is 26 feet in diameter, exclusive of the portico which surrounds it, and 18 feet high; the second is 25 feet in diameter, and 17 feet high; and all the rest diminish in diameter and height, in the same arithmetical proportion, to the ninth story, which is 18 feet in diameter and 10 feet high.

The second is a short satire on erecting stately monuments to worthless men.

The second, that many things affect us agreeably and many disagreeably, is the basis of morals; the third, that some things are comprehensible to us and others not, the basis of logic; the fourth, that through the senses we passively receive impressions from without, the basis of the empirical sciences, in particular, of physics.

The first step is the elephant's foot, the second is the loop of his tail.

The first "fellow" here was the lawyer, and the second was his brother.

We shall understand it better if we remember that it had two chief objects: the first was personal righteousness; the second was civil and religious liberty.

Thou must know that I had comrades, four in number; Of my comrades four the first was gloomy midnight; The second was a steely dudgeon dagger; The third it was a swift and speedy courser; The fourth of my companions was a bent bow; My messengers were furnace-harden'd arrows.

I take it that there are three stages in this evolution; the first, that of immediate experience, is subsumed by the phrase 'Time is'; the second is a passing from the concrete to the abstract through the fact that 'Time was'; and the glory of the last is visioned only when we can say 'Time is past.'

The second was a wave of payroll robberies obviously executed by a skilled and experienced gang of bandits.

The second is the seer, the prophet, like Langland, or Wyclif, who sees a vision and quietly goes to work, in ways that men understand, to make the present world a little more like the ideal one which he sees in his vision.

It is certainly a remarkable sign of the times, that a book treating of purely scientific matters,physiological facts and ideas,like the first of these, of which the second is the complement, should in a very few years have attained to its fourth edition in Germany.

The second was big Neddy's declaration that, in his opinion, the sack now held about as much as he could carry.

Mr. Baker was the owner of a grocery store; of the others, one was the proprietor of the St. Charles hotel, New Bremen; the second was a young lawyer, the third was a clerk in the "Planter's House."

His first emotion was wonder; his second was envy and aversion.

The first of these three steps is most commonly used in the valse; but the second is an agreeable change for those who may have grown giddy or weary in doing the figure en tournant (circular movement).

The second was the examination of the British School of the village, founded and supported, I believe, by himself.

His kingdom, by his will, was divided between the children of his later wife, a Samaritan woman,the eldest of whom, Archelaus, became monarch of Judea; and the second, Antipas, became tetrarch of Galilee.

The first of these is the immense increase of material prosperity, and the second is the immense decline in sincerity of spiritual interest.

The one was a ward of his own; the second was an ordinary Florentine, for whom the same modest boon was craved by his sorrowing parents.

A second was the replacement of serfdom and peonage by free labor receiving fixed wages and salaries.

The second was a huge dog, with two of its legs broken, twisting in agony upon the floor.

Zadig found by experience that the first month of marriage, as it is written in the book of Zend, is the moon of honey, and that the second is the moon of wormwood.

216 Metaphors for  seconded