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316 Metaphors for  seconded

316 Metaphors for seconded

And while mashed potatoes are at the top of our familyโ€™s list, a close second is some kind of brussels sprout dish.

The second, or the one I will call the second because she was in age between the others, and was the mother of the third or youngest, a widowed mother and her daughter having been sealed to Gardner at the same time, the first wife having given her consent and standing with them at the triple matrimonial altar, and then and there joining in the sacred ceremony.

He had bidden his childhood's home his first adieu, and meeting with a friend, sought some counsel; this friend, at the close of a somewhat lengthy interview, and as the sum of all he had uttered, said: that he should remember to practice three things, if he would have his efforts crowned with success, namely, the first was Perseverance,the second was Perseverance, and the third was Perseverance.

The month with the least rainfall on average is January with an average of convert and the second is July with convert.

"Second-in-command" is a term/word used, usually as a joke, for any deputy or person that is right below the commander.

The second is "the Vine angle," and represents the "Drunkenness of Noah."

The second is their location during combat.

The second was the main module where people could live.

There is perhaps a slight probability that the first was suggested by our Gospel, and considering the character of the verifiable quotations in Barnabas, which often follow the sense only and not the words, the second may be 'a free reminiscence of Matt. xvi.

The second of these is an instrumental version of the song "Stampede" as recorded on the original version.

The lowest of these is 26 feet in diameter, exclusive of the portico which surrounds it, and 18 feet high; the second is 25 feet in diameter, and 17 feet high; and all the rest diminish in diameter and height, in the same arithmetical proportion, to the ninth story, which is 18 feet in diameter and 10 feet high.

The second is a short satire on erecting stately monuments to worthless men.

The first step is the elephant's foot, the second is the loop of his tail." 6.

The second is the Audio Report tape in the Echoes Of A Cold War Mission in the main building's table with a coffee mug, ashtray, and payphone.

Second is the freedom brought by the recollection of good fellowship, when tried and true comrades took their wine straight"with no allaying Thames."

The second is an alcohol.

The second is Orbum Alexander von Schutz, with side-whispers.

The first "fellow" here was the lawyer, and the second was his brother.

We shall understand it better if we remember that it had two chief objects: the first was personal righteousness; the second was civil and religious liberty.

our country's hope and glory, I'll tell thee all the truth, without a falsehood: Thou must know that I had comrades, four in number; Of my comrades four the first was gloomy midnight; The second was a steely dudgeon dagger; The third it was a swift and speedy courser; The fourth of my companions was a bent bow; My messengers were furnace-harden'd arrows.

The second is the King Naresuanโ€™s elephant.

I take it that there are three stages in this evolution; the first, that of immediate experience, is subsumed by the phrase 'Time is'; the second is a passing from the concrete to the abstract through the fact that 'Time was'; and the glory of the last is visioned only when we can say 'Time is past.'

The second was a wave of payroll robberies obviously executed by a skilled and experienced gang of bandits.

The second is the seer, the prophet, like Langland, or Wyclif, who sees a vision and quietly goes to work, in ways that men understand, to make the present world a little more like the ideal one which he sees in his vision.

It is certainly a remarkable sign of the times, that a book treating of purely scientific matters,physiological facts and ideas,like the first of these, of which the second is the complement, should in a very few years have attained to its fourth edition in Germany.

The second was big Neddy's declaration that, in his opinion, the sack now held about as much as he could carry.

The album won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 1992, being Metallica's third consecutive Grammy (the second being their cover of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy").

The second was Yash Dubey's a final year law student who was represented by Senior Advocate Manu Singhvi.

Mr. Baker was the owner of a grocery store; of the others, one was the proprietor of the St. Charles hotel, New Bremen; the second was a young lawyer, the third was a clerk in the "Planter's House."

The second is our natural sense for other humans and the community.

The first was Paul Newton's portrait of Roy Slaven and HG Nelson in 2001, and second was Jan Williamson's portrait of singer/songwriter Jenny Morris the following year in 2002.

The second is a contract dated May 16, in which Michelangelo assigns the architectural and ornamental portion of the monument conjointly to Giovanni de' Marchesi and Francesco d' Amadore, called Urbino, providing that differences which may arise between them shall be referred to Donato Giannotti.

His first emotion was wonder; his second was envy and aversion.

The first of these three steps is most commonly used in the valse; but the second is an agreeable change for those who may have grown giddy or weary in doing the figure en tournant (circular movement).

The second was the examination of the British School of the village, founded and supported, I believe, by himself.

The second will be a $50 million northern development account that will be cross-regional.

The first of these is the immense increase of material prosperity, and the second is the immense decline in sincerity of spiritual interest.

The one was a ward of his own; the second was an ordinary Florentine, for whom the same modest boon was craved by his sorrowing parents.

He found the first stone shaped like a salmon head; the second like a kamas root, and the third, to his great joy, was the carven image of an elk's head.

One is the Motor Transport Board report for the year 1990-91, and the second is the Fire Marshallโ€™s report for the year 1990.

The second looked his astonishment.

A second was the replacement of serfdom and peonage by free labor receiving fixed wages and salaries.

A second, "Never were there such blankets."

The second was a huge dog, with two of its legs broken, twisting in agony upon the floor.

Zadig found by experience that the first month of marriage, as it is written in the book of Zend, is the moon of honey, and that the second is the moon of wormwood.

The first was England, and the second was Prussia.

The first he defined as seekers of liberty, the second as seekers of improvement; the first were the goats, and the second were the sheep.

She must have been a woman of winning manners, for, though she had seven children, the oldest fourteen, she got another husband before her first one was a year in his grave; the second was an actor.

The second was the fall in the birth-rate, the diminution in size of the average family, the increase of sterile unions, and the consequent release of a considerable proportion of the energy of married women.

The first is for Council remuneration, the second is the flat tax and the third, is the bylaw for the Advisory Commission for Persons with Disabilities.

Had he not seen the first man, he would have sworn with even greater confidence that the second was Sandy.

The second was a dream in which the dream in Blake's song was extended and prosified.

The first is a Mondas Cyber Controller, while the second is an alternative cyberman.

Yes, it's maybe a 10-minute or a 20-minute speech, but that 30 seconds when that light is on is the most important time because it's showtime.

The eldest son was a member of Parliament; the second became a clergyman; and the eldest daughter married a clergyman in a prominent position as headmaster of Wellington College.

Florence still points with pride to the "Incredulity of Thomas" on the eastern wall of Orsammichele, to the "Boy and Dolphin" in the court of the Palazzo Vecchio, and to the "David" of this sculptor: but the first is spoiled by heaviness and angularity of drapery; the second, though fanciful and marked by fluttering movement, is but a caprice; the third outdoes the hardest work of Donatello by its realism.

The Second of December was the Risk, the Fourth was the Certainty.

" "Nay," said the second, "yonder comes a knight.

Of these two degrees, the second is probably the more subtle.

The second is the Marc Rozen Scholarship Fund for the North Shore Hebrew School.

The second was the Bears' only true poor play in the red zone, a 9-yard completion to running back Ronald Jones on an angle route.

The second was the unrolling of portions of the panorama as they were taken out of the boxes, fastened together, and attached to the rollers.

I remember my charming friend F D telling me that she had nursed her first child till her second was borna miraculous statement, which I can only believe because she told it me herself.

The second was a living statue, none other than ANN BRUMMET waiting for JEFFRY MAULBOY.

The second is a Laboratory Decommissioning Checklist.

The period which marks the decline of Greek influence in the Rumanian principalities also marks the growth of Russian influence; the first meant economic exploitation, the second was a serious menace to the very existence of the Rumanian nation.

The second is a contract dated May 16, in which Michelangelo assigns the architectural and ornamental portion of the monument conjointly to Giovanni de' Marchesi and Francesco d' Amadore, called Urbino, providing that differences which may arise between them shall be referred to Donato Giannotti.

The second was the discovery of great new neighbors we have, because they came to our rescue.

Ananda's first thought was, "The lad is in a fit;" the second, "It were a pious deed to deliver him from his tormentors;" the third, "By good management this may extricate me from my present uncomfortable predicament, and redound to the glory of the most holy Buddha."

The second and last of the "Nugรฆ Criticรฆ" series was the note on "The Tempest" (see Vol. I.).

The earlier feeling is an unpleasant one, and rests upon ignorance; the second is pleasurablefor in the meantime they have come to know what the world is.

The second is the Rev. James Ramsay.

The second is the Queen's Cross, near Northampton.

The second was Jen Taylor.

The second is the desire of a government to protect its position with groups with whom it's engaging or about to engage in collective bargaining.

One is that spread of knowledge and that accompanying change in moral attitude which is more and more sterilising the once prolific American home, and the second is the rising standard of feminine education.

The Colonel is "The C.O."; the Second in Command is "The Major"; your Company Commander is "The Captain," and your Platoon Commander "The Officer."

The second was the modified offer agreed upon by both bodies of commissioners at Royston.

The second are the most interesting.

The second is the constant addition of new elementary faculties.

The second of the three sons was D. A. Ernest Hutchison.

The second was warm mineral water coming up from depths of up to 2 km.

His eldest daughter, wife of the Duke of Saxony, was mother of a future emperor, the second was Queen of Castile, the third was in 1176 married to William of Sicily, the wealthiest king of his time.

The second is a certain Vasudeva.

The second is a Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialization.

The first is how to manage the embarrassment of a competitor presidency; the second is whether to approach the delicate tasks at hand with a crowbar or a pickaxe; or a revealing grin, which he is getting more skilled at, as the days multiply.

One had a pointed Vandyke beard; the second, from the description, I fancied must have been Mr. Graves.

The second being matter of dispute, and chiefly concerning church authority, I was obliged to make as plain and perspicuous as possibly I could, yet not wholly neglecting the numbers, though I had not frequent occasion for the magnificence of verse.

The second in command, as the reader is aware, was Cromwell, with the rank of lieutenant-general.

The second was the Abbรฉ Raynal.

The second is a vitiated state of body.

The first is, falsa cogitatio, false conceits and idle thoughts: to misconstrue and amplify, aggravating everything they conceive or fear; the second is, falso cogitata loqui, to talk to themselves, or to use inarticulate incondite voices, speeches, obsolete gestures, and plainly to utter their minds and conceits of their hearts, by their words and actions, as to laugh, weep, to be silent, not to sleep, eat their meat, &c.:

And the second was the oppression of the people of colour, and of the slaves.

These things must have been spaced on the tail at equal distances apart, but as they rose from the earth and followed after us, whipping in the wind, the uppermost one became a big umbrella turned inside out; the second was half of a pumpkin; the third was a yellow soup plate; the fourth was a poppy bloom; and the remaining three were just amber beads of diminishing sizes.

The second was a battle of a period but with 30 seconds left Frontenac scored.

The first is the idea of record and promise: the second is the idea of reciprocity.

The first was DMK legislator J. Anbazhagan who lost his life and the second was AIADMK legislator from Sriperumbudur constituency K.Palani who has been undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

The second is color-index mode, whereby you fill a palette with the colors.

It will be further observed that, at the beginning of every poem, two dates are given; the first, on the left-hand side, is the date of composition; the second, on the right-hand side, is the date of the first publication.

โ€œThe second was the allegation by the foreman of the jury that all members of the jury were being approached to give a certain verdict, rendering him unfit.