46 Nouns for  mate

46 Nouns for mate

Modern researchers tends to avoid the general term 'isolating mechanisms' in favour of the more specific terms 'mate choice', 'hybrid incompatibility' and other forms of 'reproductive isolation'.

My room-mate thought, when he first came, it was the bell tolling deaths, and people's ages, as they do in the country.

There are now modern "tea-bag" type infusions of mate called mate cocido which have been sold in Argentina for many years.

"Good!" shouted Second-Mate Bender, who had seen what had taken place.

Aline Giono (C); 9Aug76; R639986. R639987. Mourir en homme (Kia mate toa)

Mate dear: One of my girls, when attached with the blues, invariably says in her written apology for a poor lesson, "Please excuse my frivolous with your imagination, for my heart is warmly."

Some have friends who would rescue them, if they could; others have no friend, no home, no nationality even, the pariahs of the sea, sullen, stupid, and broken-down, burnt-out shells of men, which the belaying-pin of some brutal or passionate mate crushes into sudden collapse, or which the hospital duly consigns to the potter's field.

A dozen of his village mates dance madly outside the ring, but are too wise or too cowardly to come to closer quarters.

Yet shots from four dark hulls embayed Come raking through the loyal crews, Whom now each dying mate endues With his last look, anguished yet undismayed.

The turning-point of Goldsmith's life was reached when Griffiths became security for a new suit of clothes in which that unfortunate hospital-mate examination might be attended.

These the mate forbade.

wid cow-mate galore when the land was as nakud as me tonshure?

"My soul's-mate, war-mate soldier-girl," he murmured on.

"What the d-l are you stopping for?" cried the captain as the boatswain's-mate halted.

"The bull hath left the lowing kine bereaved, And sulking dies in solitude; The ass hath fled away, his mates hath grieved, And women are no more imbued With love, and drive their husbands far away, And wives enjoy not their caress; All peace and love have gone from earth this day, And love on earth knows not its bliss.

The lizards, common around Los Angeles, engage in what’s known as mate-holding, a part of the process in which a male grips a female’s head in his mouth for hours or even days at a time.

"One so seldom thinks of a master's-mate marrying, that the idea of your being in that way has never crossed my mind, except in the manner of a joke."

How much does a running mate matter?

What do you think patriotism, and republican vartoo, require us to do, in such a crisis?" This was the first time I had ever heard my mate mention republicanism, his habits being certainly as much opposed to liberty, as those of Napoleon himself.

"Here's a mate o' mine ridin' this way!

Here and there an adventurous genius coins a phrase for the benefit of posterity,as we once heard a mate order a couple of men to "go forrard and trim the ship's whiskers," to the utter bewilderment of his captain, who, in thirty years' following of the sea, had never heard the martingale chains and stays so designated.

The champagne corks pop and Tom Cairney shows Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang how it’s done, hoisting the play-off final trophy final trophy towards the Wembley night sky as his team-mates pogo behind him.

In some parts of Argentina, gas stations sponsored by yerba mate producers provide free hot water to travellers, specifically for the purpose of drinking during the journey.

Suitability means looking and behaving like a male of the same species in good health ('mate recognition').

Brother,' the grinning mate replies, 'In this I grant that man is wise.

He was an immense man, the largest in the ship, probably, if we except the Scotch second mate Saunders, to whom he was about equal in all respectsexcept argument.

The second-mate scarce knew what he was about, and the captain took charge of the duty himself.

Light in adult beetles was originally thought to be used for similar warning purposes, but its main purpose is now thought to be mate selection.

There are disposable mate sets with a plastic mate and bombilla, and sets with a thermos flask and stacking containers for the yerba and sugar inside a fitted case.

Charlie the dog displays the ultimate act of mate-ship in the new spot, sacrificing one of his own doggy wishes for one that his master will love: a never-ending pack of Tim Tam.

The cook placed his burden upon its feet, and running up the ladder stood by the mate shivering.

Finally we replace the sole of the shoe so it closely matches its mate shoe and provides good wear and traction.

Still, the constant focus on race and Biden’s choice of as his running mate signal that Dems are aiming for increased black turnout in cities such as Philadelphia to help them win Pennsylvania and other states Trump flipped in 2016.

So as part of the BIO-Mate Web site, the Guelph research team developed a ranking system called Predicted Dollar Difference (PDD).

"My soul's-mate, war-mate soldier-girl," he murmured on.

It was the mate-song of the beast of prey, sending up its message to the starscrying out to all the wilderness for a response to its loneliness.

Then for the first time he looked his mate square in the face.

do thou keep nigh, For trust me well, in spite of thy quaint cry, If long time from thy mate thou be, or far, Thou'lt be as others that forsaken are; Then shall thou raise a clamour as do I. 185 XXXVIII Fie, quoth she, on thy name, Bird ill beseen!

I rushed college-mate Leslie St. Anne thro' a crash course in typing to join me in Margao.

With this view, then, he ordered the lugger hove-to, the boat of Clinch hauled to the lee gangway, and the prisoners to be all brought on deck; the common men in the waist, and the master's mate aft.

"Tay, they do be tellin' me, at two and thruppence a pound no less, an' mate wanst and twice in the day, an' a sup o' punch at night the way they'd sleep sound!

Inbreeding in offspring differs for each sire-dam combination, making mate assignments important if inbreeding is to be managed properly.

Developmental stress and female mate choice behaviour in the zebra finch.

For the VP hopefuls and their donor backers, hosting events that generate eye-popping totals is a flex, or a means of showing off their political muscle, said one Democrat affiliated with one of the considered running mate candidates.

" In a trice the machine is at the door; Mrs. S is outwill return in a moment; so sorry, cannot wait, leave cards; call again some other day; and we turn ten or fifteen or twenty miles to one side to see another old school-friend for five or ten minutes just long enough for the chauffeur to oil-up while the school-mates chat.

Hang up your bloody colours in the air, Up with your fights, and your nettings prepare; Your merry mates cheer, with a lusty bold spright.