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13 collocations for « crisp »

13 collocations for « crisp »

  • Herodotus[093] relates, that the Colchi were black, and that they had crisped hair.
  • All the blood in her body seemed to rush into her face and flood it and spread up her forehead to the roots of the gold hair that the east wind had crisped round the edges of her hat.
  • A thrill of alarm, a commencement of panic, a desire to save himself at all hazards, crisped his heart and half paralyzed his energy.
  • To climb it is a noon-day nightmare, and to think of having climbed it crisps all the fifty-six joints of one's twenty digits.
  • There they built their camp-fire and slightly crisped the leather of a pair of old boots and a pair of shoes which constituted their evening meal, and was the last of their effects available as food.
  • 'Ay,' he went on; 'and the same heat which crisps those thirsty leaves must breed the thunder-shower which cools them?
  • Aye, and though the image given back to me was (I say it only of that time) a likely enough picture of a lad with short, crisped locks that curled whenever they were wet, cheeks like apples, and skin that hath always been a trouble to me.
  • A fine liberal style of nature it seemed to be: hair crisped, moustache springing thick and dark, head firmly planted, lips finished, as one commonly sees them in gentlemen's families, a pupil well contracted, and a mouth that opened frankly with a white flash of teeth that looked as if they could serve him as they say Ethan Allen's used to serve their owner,to draw nails with.
  • Make a smooth batter of flour, and a little salad oil, and two eggs, a little white pepper, salt, and nutmeg, turn the cutlets well in this mixture, and fry a light brown, garnish with slices of lemon, and crisped parsley, this is done by putting in the parsley after the cutlets have been fried, it will speedily crisp; it should then be drained, to prevent its being greasy.
  • Once you have removed the loaf from the tin, put it back in the oven for 5–10 minutes to crisp up the sides and base, then leave to cool on a wire rack.
  • Thine airs that crisp the quiet stream, Are soft as slumbering infants' breath: The trembling stars, that o'er thee beam, Are pure as Faith's own crowning wreath: And e'en thy silence has for me
  • What she saw was Anthony Bard kneeling by the coals of the fire over which steamed a coffee-pot on one side and a pan of crisping bacon on the other.
  • The same ghastly chasm: but ghastly now no longer; and as Elsley looked down, the beauty below invited him, and the coolness also; for the sun beat on the flat rock above till it scorched the feet, and dazzled the eye, and crisped up the blackening sea-weeds; while every sea-snail crept to hide itself under the bladder-tangle, and nothing dared to peep or stir save certain grains of gunpowder, which seemed to have gone mad,

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