1353 examples of unfolding in sentences

Secondly, it can be understood strictly as a mere unfolding of the contents of a confused apprehension; so that there is an advance only in point of coherence and distinctness.

She only knew that here were Gloria Gaynor and Mark King, man and girlman and womanset apart from the world, lifted above it, clear-cut figures upon a pinnacle piercing the infinite blue of the heavens, and that a mystery was unfolding before them.

One hears by night, when all the wood is still, the crepitatious rustle of the unfolding leaves and the pushing flower-stalk within, that has open blossoms before it has fairly uncramped from the sheath.

Too late, undoubtedly; and he was a mere boy, with all the interests of life just unfolding for him.

The spring air was warm and sweet, white clouds were floating in the sky, birds were darting here and there among the branches of the trees, wild flowers were unfolding their modest beauty in the very shadow of the iron rails.

I picture but development, Green leaves unfolding to their fruits, Expanding flowers, aspiring scent, But not the writhing roots. Then follow English sunsets, o'er A warm rich land outspread below; A green sea from a level shore, Bright boats that come and go.

Form is worthless, save it be Type of an infinity; Sign of something present, true, Though unopened to the view, Heady in its bosom holding What it will be aye unfolding, Never uttering but in part, From an unexhausted heart.

He lifted his golden head above the snowy peaks, and spirited away the uncertain light of unfolding dawn by drawing the curtains of the purpling east, and sending floods of radiance upon the entire world.

They are incompatible with a renaissance sensibility because of the narrative style of their intended unfolding.

In unfolding to my countrymen the principles by which I shall be governed in the fulfillment of those duties my first resort will be to that Constitution which I shall swear to the best of my ability to preserve, protect, and defend.

On this speech they exclaimed no less fiercely in reply: "he might give which he chose;" and when he again, unfolding his robe, said "he gave war," they all answered that "they accepted it, and would maintain it with the same spirit with which they accepted it.

And I? HOMUNCULUS At home thou wilt remain, Thee most important work doth there detain; The ancient scrolls unfolding cull Life's elements, as taught by rule, And each with other then combine with care; Upon the What, more on the How, reflect!

Potent and shapely, ne'ertheless, Draws the rogue his flexible limbs, Body firm yet elastic, Craftily forth; the purple shell, Him so grievously binding, Leaving quietly in its place; As the perfected butterfly, From the rigid chrysalid, Pinion unfolding, rapidly glides, Boldly and wantonly sailing through Sun-impregnated ether.

"And with heart and hand did the angels applaud,a tremor of joy shot through the stars of heaven,and, unfolding his pinions, with the rapidity of lightning the angel descended.

It has become somewhat illegible and obscure from repeated folding and unfolding.

" "I shan't run away," said Maggie; "I shall live an old maid, and you must live an old bachelor, until grandma" She did not have time to finish the sentence ere Henry commenced unfolding the following plan:

"By unfolding those principles that ought to govern the taste of every individual.

The period of history, from the landing at Jamestown and Plymouth to the war of 1812, and later, was the unfolding of events which pointed to the supremacy of the English in North America.

The profound and pregnant doctrines of karma and reincarnation, here so sketchily outlined, are but expansions of one of the fundamental propositions of all Eastern philosophical systems, that the effect is the unfolding of the cause in time.

In that unfolding, that manifesting of the higher in the lowerwhich is the idea the four-dimensionalist has of the worldthe painstaking, minute, methodical action of the reasoning mind applied to phenomena achieves results impossible to Pisgah-sighted intuition.

Just as a moving picture shows us the round and living bodies of men and women as flat images on a plane, enacting there some mimic drama, so on the three-dimensional screen of the world men and women engaged in unfolding the drama of personal life may be but the images of souls enacting, on higher planes of being, the drama of their own salvation.

" The particular act of the drama of unfolding consciousness upon which the curtain is now upfurled is that wherein we discover the world to be indeed a stage, a playground for forces masquerading as forms: "they have their exits and their entrances," or, as expressed in the Upanishads, "All that goes hence (dies on earth) heaven consumes it all; and all that goes thence (returns from heaven to a new life) the earth consumes it all.

And that this sprightly, slender girl was a bud of that vanished flower, a bud whose unfolding Bronson watched with such deep solicitude.

Colonel Kemp, unfolding a week-old Times, looked over his glasses at his torpid disciples.

Of this journey, as gradually unfolding light on the subject, and as peculiarly connected with the promotion of our object, I shall now give an account; after which I shall return to the proceedings of the commitee.

1353 examples of  unfolding  in sentences
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