139 Verbs to Use for the Word  north

139 Verbs to Use for the Word north

To each of the great residences for the monks at the Jetavana vihâra there were two gates, one facing the east and the other facing the north.

"At a certain point in our front our advance trenches were on the north of the Aisne, not far from a village on a hillside and also within a short distance of German works, being on a slope of a spur formed by a subsidiary valley running north and a main valley of the river.

Throughout the vast region bounded on the east by the Wahsatch Mountains and on the west by the Sierra there are more than a hundred subordinate ranges and mountain groups, trending north and south, range beyond range, with summits rising from eight to twelve thousand feet above the level of the sea, probably all of which, according to my own observations, is, or has been, inhabited by this species.

This region, about as large as Mexico and Central America, extends north and south, from Tanganyika to the Zambesi, and covers the wide region of the Congo sources between Nyassa and Lake Bangweolo.

He was in touch with the trappers for a radius of a hundred miles of which Northern Lights was the center, but no word had come to him of a lone traveler with a dog-train passing north.

7th May. North-west Cape was visible at noon, bearing east three-quarters north, distant twenty-five miles; our latitude being 22 degrees south; and longitude 113 degrees 18 minutes east.

The good ship Endeavour got under way on 31st March 1770, with a favourable wind and clear sky, heading a little north of west.

was at the same time preparing to invade the north of France, landing near Calais, and the Swiss were already pouring into Burgundy.

If he were wholly in the world, the north would be the place to find himthe north, which is the reign of darkness.

he laughed feebly, "to think a fella should have to be urged to leave the North alone.

But Fate decided otherwise, and dejected and baffled, he turned to follow the Peel Range north, making for the part he had left, where at least he was sure of a supply of water.

According to their traditions and all proper evidence, they were a great people occupying far north and east of their present bounds, driven thence by the Paiutes.

"I sneaked into the town after dark, and took the first train north.

The tone in which opposite political journals denounce the late outrage may warn the slaveholders that they will not much longer hold the north in bonds.

He traveled north and west.

There were salt-pans, too, on both sides of the mouth of the Tyne, which were worked in connection with the monasteries from very early days; and Daniel Defoe, when he visited the north in 1726, declared that he could see from the top of the Cheviot "the smoke of the salt-pans at Sheals, at the mouth of the Tyne, which was about forty miles south of this."

However, the moose are now rapidly leaving this country and pushing further north.

He also conquered Cumberland from the Britons; and conferred that territory on Malcolm, King of Scotland, on condition that he should do him homage for it, and protect the north from all future incursions of the Danes.

I should like to see one of them balanced on a pivot properly adjusted, and watch if she did not turn so as to point north and south,as she would, if the love-currents are like those of the earth our mother.

Next morning we were again on the trail, which led north, and back towards the Beaver Creek, which stream it crossed within a few miles of the spot where we had first discovered the Indians, they having made nearly a complete circle, in hopes of misleading us.

"Some fight going on out there," indicating the north and east, "and seems to be drifting this way."

Worst of all, the instinct of direction, which often guides an Indian through the still fog or the darkest night, seemed benumbed by the cold and the tumult; and not even Old Tomah himself could have told north or south in the blinding storm.

On leaving Cape Flinders, steer West 3/4 North for about twenty-three miles, leaving the reefs c and g to seaward, and d, e, and f to the southward, of the course; then haul up about North-West 3/4 North, and steer within the reef l and Pelican Island, and to seaward of the Claremont Islands 1 and 2, which are low and woody.

About half a century before the Christian era, the obscurity which enveloped the north of Europe began to disperse; and the expedition of Julius Cæsar gave to the civilized world the first notions of the Netherlands, Germany, and England.

The boat moved a little further north, and he beheld a solitary tree.

159 Rude as their ships was navigation then; No useful compass or meridian known; Coasting, they kept the land within their ken, And knew no North but when the Pole-star shone.

And in another place as garnishing the Heavens, stretching out the North over the empty Place, and hanging the Earth upon nothing.

Along with Bruce, her husband of 23 years, she owns property north of the park where they enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and the company of three dogs and four cats.

In Germany men were looking forward to the time when the southern States should join the north.

Scipio Goes to Andalusia Hasdrubal Crosses the Pyrenees Scipio employed the winter of 545-6 in breaking up his fleet and increasing his land army with the men thus acquired, so that he might at once guard the north and assume the offensive in the south more energetically than before; and he marched in 546 to Andalusia.

So we don't do what the Conservatives do, which says we're gonna ignore the north; we're just gonna govern for the south.

At that season, the south winds prevailed, though changes were frequent and sudden, and the vast frozen fleet was drifting north.

"That little boy, relying in his simple faith upon the wisdom and truthfulness of his father, believed for a long time, that the weathercock on the top of the barn, could bring the cold north, or the warm south wind, by turning upon its perch.

The attack was not delayed, and flanking columns were sent to cross north of the Gap and assail the enemy's rear.

The coast of Ireland was sighted on 12th August, and an attempt was made to get into Galway Bay, but strong southerly winds drove them to the north, and at length, rounding the north of Scotland, they put into Stromness, whence Captain King was despatched overland to the Admiralty.

Of these peoples, three, Greece, Italy, and Spain, represent the South; three, England, Germany, and Russia, represent the north; the seventh, or the first, France, is at the same time North and South, Celtic and Latin, Gothic and Greek.

But this proposition was successfully resisted by the representatives from the Northern States, who, regardless of the statute line, insisted upon applying restriction to the new territory generally, whether lying north or south of it, thereby repealing it as a legislative compromise, and, on the part of the North, persistently violating the compact, if compact there was.

The advance of the combined armies toward the frontiers became generally known: parties of Cossacks had entered the north of Holland in November, and were scouring the country beyond the Yssel.

That said, there are many barriers to Ireland's reunification, including the cost to the Republic of Ireland of absorbing the considerably poorer north.

It divided north and south, and passed about a quarter of a mile on either side of them, reunited again and passed on, and not one solitary drop of rain fell on that encampment.

On the seaward side stretches a chain of long and narrow islands, forming a natural breakwater north and south from Cape Lookout to Cape Hatteras and from the latter to Cape Henry, near Norfolk City, in Virginia.

The magnetic needle had been deviated, and instead of marking the magnetic north, which differs a little from the north of the world, it marked the northeast.

The area of Puntland is part of the areas of Waqooyi meaning north or Bari meaning east.

Takagi took his carriers convert north during the night to protect the invasion convoy.

The Dene people of northern Saskatchewan have for centuries depended on the vast herds of caribou that migrate north and.


Clark's successful campaigns against the Illinois towns and Vincennes, besides giving the Americans a foothold north of the Ohio, were of the utmost importance to Kentucky.

"So they'll watch the trains and especially Haifa, where everyone going north has to spend the night; and they'll stop at nothing to get the letter back, for two reasons; as long as it's in our hands it can be used to establish proof of the plot against Feisul; once it's back in theirs, they can keep it in their secret dossier to use against Feisul if they ever catch him and bring him to trial.

Thence they followed the Wady Sur, turned southward and then eastward, penetrating to the top of the Judean plateau a little north of Hebron.

And it is our will, that you, and after you your children, heirs, and successors, one after the other, enjoy the said employment of admiral of the said ocean which is ours, and which commences at a line which we have caused to be drawn from the Azores islands to the islands of Cape Verd, and so from pole to pole north and south, so that all beyond the said line westwards is ours and belongs to us.