19 Verbs to Use for the Word polls

" The trapper took off a fur cap and scratched his curly poll.

(In American magazine, Aug. 1945) Now entitled Gallup poll.

Who carries his poll screwed on over-tight, and sits with his eyes shut in chapel? 2d Monk.

Leading lives devoid of pain, Half day climbing up a poll, Half day climbing down again; Their minds tormented by no su- Perfluous anxiety, While on good terms with the Zo- Ological Society.

To keep the savage bairbers o' the wilderness fra' clippin' our polls before the shearin' time o' natur' has gathered us a' in for the hairvest of etairnity.

Either marriage had brought him a new growth of hair, or else Blossy had selected a new wig for hima modest, close, iron-gray which fitted his poll to perfection.

Yes, and it opens outwards like a tent, Guarding the sacred poll from skies injurious.

But, whatever it was, we were so much divided that my chances of heading the poll were diminishing.

" The costumer came forward to attend to the nervous old beau who was mopping his bald and shining poll with a big silk handkerchief.

It is not sufficient to neglect the poll, one abstains when one is in doubt, but now that we doubt no longer it is time to act.

Proclamation of opening the polls was then made by the moderator and the polls opened and the election of town officers proceeded.

The professed object is to protect the polls, at the election in August, of the new insurgent Topeka State legislature.

Yet it is proposed to deprive womenyes, all women alikeof an inestimable privilege and the chief power which can be exercised by any free individual in the state for the reason that on any given day of election not more than one woman in twenty of voting age will probably not be able to reach the polls.

" She had got little Deanie out in her arms now, and stood hugging the child, bending to kiss Melissa, finding a hand to pat Milo's shoulder and rub Pony's tousled poll.

Forsooth, well do I know thee, Roger the Black: come ye into the glade yonder, so will I split thy black poll for theethou surly dog!" Forth leapt Black Roger's sword, back swung Walkyn's glittering axe, but Beltane was between, and, as they stood thus came Giles o' the Bow: "Oho!"

They must either support their women in idlenessdo all their own as well as the women's housekeepingor they must allow their women to leave the home and follow their housekeeping to the place where it is now being done,the polls.

The committee decided, about two months before the fall election, that an active local campaign must be carried on, with a view to discourage the negroes from attending the polls on election day.

The arrangements for taking the poll were also greatly changed.

I don't bother the polls no more.

19 Verbs to Use for the Word  polls