145 adjectives to describe blackest

From beneath It straggled oily and tangled locks of glossy black.

In front, stood a venerable-looking personage, of small stature, dressed in rusty black, of the cut that denoted the attire of a clergyman, before it was considered aristocratic to wear the outward symbols of belonging to the church of God.

Now, Pambo, is the time for you: Beat little Tell-Tale black & blue.

" "At your service, Mister Dick!" replied the brave black, inflating his cheeks like a gigantic Boreas.

They were a rough, wild lot, bearded and uncombed, ranging in color from the intense black of Central Africa to the blond of Scandinavia, half naked some, their voices mingling in a dozen tongues, their eyes gleaming with savagery.

It was of a dull black, the hue of soot.

His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath; his hair was of a lustrous black, and flowing; his teeth of a pearly whiteness; but his watery eyes seemed almost of the same colour as the dun-white sockets in which they were set.

E. Arabs probably, whites in the estimation of the Portuguese as compared with the native blacks of Malabar.

=The Envious Lobster= A FABLE A Lobster from the water came, And saw another, just the same In form and size; but gayly clad In scarlet clothing; while she had No other clothing on her back Than her old suit of greenish black.

THE END OF MAY "Our Governess is not in school, So we may talk a bit; Sit down upon this little stool, Come, little Mary, sit: "And, my dear play-mate, tell me why In dismal black you're drest? Why does the tear stand in your eye? With sobs why heaves your breast?

It was a brownish black, or perhaps a dark iron-gray, on the back and sides, but lighter beneath and in front.

"But," said an elderly Winkie who remembered the original Witch, "Witch Allidap had a patch over one eye and did not dress in pure black.

In 1840 there were more intelligent blacks in the South than in the North but not so after 1850, despite the vigorous execution of the Fugitive Slave Law in some parts of the North.

Benevolent workers of the North, therefore, began to minister to the needs of these unfortunate blacks.

She advertised in the "Genius of Universal Emancipation" an establishment to educate freed blacks and mulattoes in West Tennessee.

The coffin, which was carried on a bier by the neighbors to the little cemetery not far away, was covered with flowers, and following it were a number of women clad in somber black with little white shawls tied under their chins, each carrying a wreath in her hands.

A respectable, quiet, and an aged black admitted the party, though even he did not announce the visiters, while he held the door of the drawing-room open for them, with respectful attention.

The man, who was dressed in the awful dead black of his class when a funeral is in prospect, came up, and Dawson got a full sight of him.

Fid was seated on the deck, his collar unbuttoned, his neck encircled with the fatal cord, sustaining the head of the nearly helpless black, which he had placed, with singular tenderness and care, in his lap.

It was clothed in innocent black; but, being a son of Adam, I rose with involuntary politeness to let it pass.

"Following the direction of her quick gaze when she again turned to the right, I saw a young man, apparently not twenty-five years of age, and dressed in sober black.

The hill itself held no houses, but appeared a solid green-black with cedars.

We saw the infant school department examined by Mr. R. There were nearly one hundred and fifty children, of every hue, from the jettiest black to the fairest white; they were thoroughly intermingled, and the ready answers ran along the ranks from black to white, from white to brown, from brown to pale, with undistinguished vivacity and accuracy.

The strong-limbed bearded Collie is capable of getting through a good day's work, but is not so steady nor so wise as the old-fashioned black and white, or even the smooth coated variety.

Many of the northerners who sympathized with the oppressed blacks in the South never dreamt of having them as their neighbors.

145 adjectives to describe  blackest