265 examples of lustrous in sentences

Her long heavy hair smothered her shoulders and arms in a dark lustrous veil that glistened and rippled in the firelight when she moved.

WANDERERS Wide are the meadows of night, And daisies are shining there, Tossing their lovely dews, Lustrous and fair; And through these sweet fields go, Wanderers amid the stars Venus, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars.

Thus in cretins reconstructed by thyroid feeding, the straight, rather animal hair becomes lustrous and fine, silken and curly.

Age might have withered and worn and wrinkled his face, but he still retained the eyes of his young days, large lustrous eyes, at once smiling and pensive, which still bespoke a man of thought and action, one who was very simple, very gay, and very good-hearted.

The guests were select and admiring; the banquet profuse and admirable; the lights lustrous and oriental; the eye was perfectly dazzled with the display of plate, among which the great gold salt-cellar, brought from the regalia in the Tower for this especial purpose, itself a tower!

He was in a high fever, and gazed at us with lustrous eyes.

Thy face, Marinaset round with lustrous pearls!

she cried, feverishly unclasping the lustrous pearls from her throat and girdle and laying them at the feet of the Patriarch.

He looked into the faces of the women and girls who streamed along the pavements with a certain half-eager curiosity, as though he expected to find a familiar face amongst them, a pale oval face, with quivering lips and lustrous appealing eyeseyes which had come into his thoughts more often lately than he would have cared to admit.

Apart from this consideration, she herself had an Oriental delight in things that were lustrous and gayly colored.

A pale, clear, olive tint, eyes of thrilling blackness, long, lustrous hair, and a look of mingled tenderness and melancholy made it, in my thought, the loveliest face that mortal eyes could see.

Her eyes were large and lustrous, with a line of black pencilled upon the edges of the eyelids, her eyebrows arched and regular, her face oval, her forehead high.

The results of their industry procured immediate custom, and the noble cloths and lustrous silks of Santa Monica, with the Lady Cammilla's initials attached, became famous far and near.

Who of us that had the privilege in the days of our youth, at college or at home, of turning over those golden chapters, and seeing that lustrous firmament dawn over our youthful imaginationswho of us can forget, shall I call it the intoxication and rapture, with which we strove to make friends with truth, knowledge, beauty, freedom?

From the highest saw-edges, where Moel Meirch cuts the golden sky, down to the very depth of the abyss, all is lustrous darkness, sooty, and yet golden still.

An hour since, a torrid heat Oppressed the languid frame; The wind was as the khamseen's breath, The solar touch seemed flame; But now the air rejuvenates, The breeze refreshment brings, The lustrous leaves drop diamonds, The lark with rapture sings.

There is a long delay, then, with infinite caution, the door is opened a few inches, and another lifted light shines faintly on lustrous tiled walls, and on the face of a woman slave who quickly veils herself.

And the slant of sunlight on lustrous columns, the depths of fretted gold, the dusky ivory of the walls and the pure white of the cenotaphs, so classic in spareness of ornament and simplicity of designthis subtle harmony of form and color gives to the dim rich chapel an air of dream-like unreality.

Large, lustrous, beaming eyes were turned on me,not boldly, not with assurance, neither altogether bashfully,but honestly regarding me full in the face, questioning if, after being so attentive a spectator, I were willing to bestow something.

She still watched the train, almost vanishing from sight now in the far distance, leaving a cloud of ugly black smoke behind it to mar the lustrous azure of the June sky.

Her lustrous black hair was arranged as usual; but a wreath, formed of some delicate vine hung thick with drooping scarlet blossoms, ran like flowering flame around her head.

Vines ramble over the trellis and the old wall, and from the window I see many other vines showing their lustrous leaves against tiled roofs of every shade, from bright-red to black.

He fell asleep at night usually with a mind full of confusion,infant baptisma slender figure in a pink dress or a bluethe Trinitya firm little brown hand pointing the finger of admonition at himthe regeneration of manhair, dark and lustrous, that fell often half away from what he called its "lashings"eternal punishmentearnest eyesthe Urim and Thummim,and a pleading, earnest voice.

The lower part of the marg, being all lake, reflected the lustrous golden sky and rich dark pine-woods in a faithful mirror.

This is the spot where he, lustrous like the sun, sacrificed to the god.

265 examples of  lustrous  in sentences