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36 adverbs to describe how to « persecuting »

36 adverbs to describe how to « persecuting »

  • "A much wronged and cruelly persecuted lady.
  • Soon after he came to Kentucky his son was slain by Indians while out boiling sugar from the maples; and he mercilessly persecuted all redskins for ever after.
  • At the sight, Brunehaut, compassionating the evil case of one of her lieges unjustly persecuted, assumed quite a manly courage, and threw herself amongst the hostile battalions, crying, "'Stay, warriors; refrain from this wicked deed; persecute not the innocent; engage not, for a single man's sake, in a battle which will desolate the country!'
  • Like the Jews in the days of King John it has been relentlessly persecuted by superstition, ignorance and avarice.
  • A tribe of caterans, or mountain robbers, in the Western Highlands, having been greatly persecuted by a powerful chief of the district, waylaid him and his retinue, put them all to the sword, and cutting off the chief's head, repaired to his castle, where they ordered the terrified wife to supply them with food and drink.
  • yet bitterly persecuting and damning each other; "It cannot stand with God's goodness, protection, and providence" (as Saint Chrysostom in the Dialect of such discontented persons) "to see and suffer one man to be lame, another mad, a third poor and miserable all the days of his life, a fourth grievously tormented with sickness and aches, to his last hour.
  • Their teachings were especially adapted to inspire the tried and tempted Jews of the dispersion, who were sorely persecuted by the heathen among whom they lived.
  • The clear but narrow intellect of the King and his wife instinctively saw in them the natural enemies of the throne; and hence they were frowned upon, if not openly persecuted.
  • This remarkable document presents the strongest evidence I’ve seen to date that Beijing is actively persecuting and punishing normal practices of traditional religious beliefs,he said.
  • Those therefore who favored it, were considered the "enemies of their country""TRAITORS"and were accordingly persecuted in various ways, not excepting imprisonment in the common jail.
  • "I am persecuted, dreadfully persecuted!
  • [Footnote 6: Mr. Bourne resided seven years in Virginia, "in perils among false brethren; fiercely persecuted for his faithful testimony against slavery.
  • If slander perhaps here may evade detection, or escape deserved punishment, yet infallibly hereafter, at the dreadful day, it shall be disclosed, irreversibly condemned, inevitably persecuted with condign reward of utter shame and sorrow.
  • They were not merely persecuted but calumniated.
  • A Savior mortally persecuted by pontiffs and hypocritical priests!
  • As far as his hopes of gaining distinction were concerned, fate seemed to persecute him pertinaciously.
  • Jose Colina, president of Veppex (an acronym for Politically Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile, in Spanish), says that despite receiving an offer to join a small group of activists for a brief meeting with Guaidó before the event, he declined to attend.
  • And where Kings and Caesars never will be hailed for their power and wealth, there the persecuted chief of a downtrodden nation is welcomed as your great Republic's guest, precisely because he is persecuted, helpless, and poor.
  • It’s a harrowing reminder that the Jewsexist as little more than a remote idea to many, more readily persecuted when stripped of their personhood.
  • James I. and Charles I. trampled on the laws and persecuted the Puritans so rigorously that many of them fled to New England.
  • The inhabitants, being Protestants, were severely persecuted by the Church, and 30,000 of them emigrated in 1730, and on the invitation of Frederick William of Prussia settled in Lithuania, that had been desolated by plague.
  • Here was a young and pretty woman with a good sum of money, shamefully persecuted by the Company, to which he felt nothing but hostility.
  • They say he has systematically persecuted Tigrayans since taking office in April 2018.
  • But the FBI also has a terrible reputation wherein such loosely-defined categories are weaponized and used to unfairly persecute and punish anyone who steps outside of the status quo.
  • She is snubbed and persecuted by the vulgar Lucinda Bridgemore, and most wantonly persecuted by lord Abberville, but after passing through many a most painful visitation, she is happily married to the man of her choice.
  • At the head of his star-expounding friends, Lilly not only formally replied to, but persecuted Gataker annually in his predictions, and even struck at his ghost, when beyond the grave.
  • Yes, the Russians and Ukrainians have included those who persecuted Jews so badly that 3.25 million of our forebears, including two of my four grandparents, fled here to get away from them.
  • He was certainly persecuted and imprisoned by the Inquisition.
  • "While in the air the man-of-war bird pounces upon them; and they are chased in the water by the bonito and albacore: thus constantly persecuted, they do not become very numerous."
  • He that thinks himself most secure of his wife, should be fearful of persecuting her continually with his presence.
  • But if you can give her no better reason for returning than that she can be more conveniently persecuted here than at St. Mary's Terrace, she will probably stay where she is, no matter how I may influence her."
  • The catholic poetical church, too, has worked but few miracles since the first ages of its establishment; and has been more prolific, for a long time, of Doctors, than of Saints: it has had its corruptions and reformation also, and has given birth to an infinite variety of heresies and errors, the followers of which have hated and persecuted each other as cordially as other bigots.
  • Eunice Wong, who has just finished her Master's degree in the UK, said the escape route provided by No. 10 was 'the only option' for her out of fears that she could be persecuted back home.
  • M. then proceeded to show the immense responsibility which those assumed, and the enormity of their guilt, who, ignorantly or designedly, persecuted the followers of Christ.
  • I should have deemed it insulting to have offered any of these things to the frugal followers of Zeno, and nothing can surpass my astonishment at the manner in which the austere Theocles has incessantly persecuted me for choice food and wine, stately rooms and soft couches."
  • But the Young Turks persecuted indiscriminately and simultaneously all non-Turkish races, Albanians, Bulgarians, Servians, and Greeks, and thus they brought about the union of the Balkan States against themselves.

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