23 Metaphors for extract

We assure the reader that these extracts are but feeble exponents of the peculiar power of Mr. Latham's works,a power of unmitigated dulness.

Extract from the "Sunday Satirist," a journal of high-life, published in London, May 13th, 1848: Are not our hereditary lawmakers and the members of our old families the guardians of the honour of this realm?

The extracts are of considerable length from fewer sources, rather than a greater number of more fragmentary ones from a wider range.

" The following extracts are from letters written to his wife while on the above trip in Yorkshire and Cumberland: RED LION INN, REDCAR, 1841, Sept. 11.

Our extract is almost a literary curiosity: "THE INVALID'S PIPE.

Our present extract is THE LAST VOYAGE.

"] The following extract from the accounts of the 15th November, 1372, is interesting, inasmuch as it represents the actual budget of France under Charles V.: Article 18.

The following extract from a speech made in that convention by a member of it, Mr. Rice, a native Virginian, is a specimen of the free discussion that prevailed on that "delicate subject."

" The following extract from the correspondence is a sufficient index of slaveholding civilization.

Certain it is he wrote savage letters of criticism about his commander-in-chief of which the following extract is a sample: "I have heard several officers who have served under General Gates compare his army to a well regulated family.

The extracts are ground-bait.

His extracts from the labors of the Academy of Science and his eulogies of the Academicians are models of lucidness under an ingenious and subtle form, rendered simple and strong by dint of wit.

The extract concerning his visit to the Pumping-Engines at Haarlem is as follows: LEYDEN, 1851, August 20, Wednesday.

Woodville informs us, that an extract of this plant has been the preparation usually employed, and from one to ten grains and upwards a-day: but the powdered leaves after the manner of those directed for hemlock would seem, for the reason given, to be a preparation more certain and convenient.

[Footnote 20: The following extracts from the laws of slave-states are proofs sufficient.

Our first extract is O'SULLIVAN'S PUNCH BOWL.

[Footnote 35: The following extract from the Alexandria (D.C.) Gazette is all illustration.

" The following extract is also an account of this frost by an eye-witness; which may be seen in the Beauties of England and Wales, vol.

Among the poetry are some graceful lines by Mr. Watts to his son; but our extract must be "The Spider and the Fly, a new version of an old story," by Mrs. Howitt.

BOYD Extracts from Reviews THE WORLD."To be able to go round the world nowadays, and write a descriptive record of the tour that is vivid and fresh is a positive literary feat.

AN EXTRACT FROM A SERMON PREACHED BY BISHOP SECKER OF LONDON IN 1741 "The next Object of the Society's Concern, were the poor Negroes.

(Extract from Wonder of Wonders, being a strange and wonderful Relation of a Mermaid that was seen and spoke with by one John Robinson, Mariner, who was tossed on the Ocean for 6 Days and Nights.

Our extract is LANGSYNE.

23 Metaphors for  extract