50 Verbs to Use for the Word bluffs

Crossing the stream as best they could, Lieutenant Hodgson being killed after having crossed, men and horses climbed the steep, almost inaccessible bluffs and ravines, upon the top of which they had a chance to "take account of stock."

Past camps Stoneman and Woodworth, where the great Klondyke Expeditions lay fast in the ice; along the white strip of the narrowing river, pent in now between mountains black with scant, subarctic timber, or gray with fantastic weather-worn rockon and on, till they reached the bluffs of the Lower Ramparts.

I was only calling the bluff of those four-flushers.

On the opposite side of a narrow valley, through which runs Beaver Dam Creek, rises a bold, almost precipitous, bluff, and the road which the Confederates were compelled to take bends abruptly to the right when near the stream, thus exposing the flank of the assaulting party to a fire from the bluff.

She run a bluff as if she just had it made, but if a certain K. & E. wardrobe mistress ever catches her with it on this party is due to get pinched for petty larceny.

Why do you think all of a sudden last night I seen your bluff through about Gerber?

"Something will," declared Racey, making his bluff a second time with an air of supreme confidence.

I was floating down the Missouri River in a mackinaw boat, the sun just topping the high bad land bluffs to the east, when a splendid ram stepped out, upon a point far above the water, and stood there outlined against the sky.

The greater part of the road between Rapallo and Genoa is on the sea-coast, but cut along the mountains which here form a bluff with the sea.

I galloped down the line and watched it as it descended the steep bluff.

The hunters, so soon as they perceived her, hastily ascended the bluff, while her parents called to her and entreated her to go back from the edge of the rock.

The tamulus of Patroclus crowned a low bluff looking on the sea.

Started at 5.30 a.m., and steered north 245 degrees east for one and a half hours, when we passed the high bluff of the range and changed the course north 330 degrees east, keeping three-quarters of a mile east of the remarkable hill called the Tower, by Captain Stokes, from a remarkable rock on the summit.

"Mother isn't putting up a bluff on us, is she, dearie?"

By the look of the sun it must have been about two in the afternoon when, rounding a great bluff of rock, we came upon a kind of tableland which commanded a wide view of the plain below, most dazzling to our eyes after the gloomy recesses of the pass; and here we found trees growing and some rude attempt at cultivation, but all very poor and stunted, being still very high and exposed to the bleak winds issuing from the gorges.

Many had attempted to scale the bluffs at other points hard by.

She threw such a strong bluff about suing him for defamation of character that he came across with two hundred cold to keep her quiet.

I'll try a bluff.

They condoned his bluff mannersthey were the mark of the true, solid British agriculturist.

We, however, found this danger to be nothing more than the extreme of the reef fronting that bluff for a distance of half a mile, in a West by North direction, and which has three feet on it at low-water, with three fathoms just outside.

It was thought the garrison of Vicksburg had been greatly weakened to re-enforce the army in General Grant's front, so that our success would be certain when we once gained the bluffs.

There was the sequestered birthplace of that mighty mass of waters, that, leaving the wilderness of beauty where they lived undisturbed and unknown, wound their way through many a desolate prairie, and fiercely lashed the time-worn bluffs, whose sides were as walls to the great city, where lived and died the toiling multitude.

Beyond Cheshi the road leads up a bluff and down the other side on to the bed of the Pandur Lake.

So saying, Dick and his friends left the bluff, and retraced their steps to the camp.

For some distance the Indians lined the bluffs, firing from the heights into the boats below.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  bluffs