45 Metaphors for triumph

And the punishment of the guilty is awful, and the triumph of the righteous is the greatest that can be conceived.

" Of the two possible triumphs of which he had dreamed, the gloomy triumph was not the less splendid.

Social passions easily acquire a degree of perversity which political passions do not possess; the former are without conscience and without compassion; they will be satisfied, cost what it may; triumph is in their eyes an absolute, an inexorable necessity.

The Triumph of Peace was the earliest poem he wrote of any length, that appeared in public.

Triumphs were great celebrations, by which military heroes in the days of the Roman commonwealth signalized their victories on their return to the city Caesar's triumphs were four, one for each of his four great successful campaigns, viz., in Egypt, in Asia Minor, in Africa, and in Spain.

Many a prayer uplifted springs O'er desk, and din, and roar; Many an humble knee is bent When the rushed day is o'er; Far within, where God may be, All exists His Throne to raise; Every triumph of our power Becomes a form of Praise!

The triumph is a death-march; the victor's voice a moan:

While the Iranians worshipped a supreme deity of goodness, they also recognized a supreme deity of evil, both ruling the worldin perpetual conflictby unnumbered angels, good and evil; but the final triumph of the good was a conspicuous article of their faith.

Triumphs of execution, too, but not in the broad style of Venetian art in its fullest expansion, are the gleaming sword held in so dainty and feminine a fashion, and the flowers which enamel the ground at the feet of the Jewish heroine."

And this union of different classes and different populations in a sentiment, a contest, and a triumph shared in common was a decisive step in the organization and unity of France.

However it might seem to those evidently greatly struck with her extraordinary good luck, her triumph was in reality only the most pitiful of pretenses.

The final triumph was the preparation of it artificially in the laboratory, its synthesis.

The triumph of the irreconcilables in Ireland was a foregone but sinister conclusion to their activities in the War, and an ominous prelude to their subsequent efforts to wreck the Pence.

But, nevertheless, last night's triumph is officially and very genuinely Villedo's.

The Triumph of Daphne over her Sister Letitia has been the Subject of Conversation at Several Tea-Tables where I have been present; and I have observed the fair Circle not a little pleased to find you considering them as reasonable Creatures, and endeavouring to banish that Mahometan Custom which had too much prevailed even in this Island, of treating Women as if they had no Souls.

As it was, the only result was his parading about with him everywhere, from town to town, for months after his return, the lictors with laurelled fasces, which betokened that a triumph was claimeda pompous incumbrance, which became, as he confessed, a grand subject for evil-disposed jesters, and a considerable inconvenience to himself.

The phrases which oppression teaches become the watchwords of freedom at last, and the triumph of Civilization over Barbarism is the only Manifest Destiny of America.

Her very triumph at Bukarest was a proof that she had lost her influence over Bulgaria.

But their chief triumph is their AUTOMATIC AND MECHANICAL SHAREHOLDER, who, immediately on being shown the Prospectus, puts his name down for the required number of Shares as indicated to him.

He showed how great a triumph for the mine was this vast increase of business; and the stark necessity of impressing the new customers by the promptitude and uniform excellence of all shipments.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN has pleased everybody, and its triumph is the best justification of those few who held that the public was capable of liking much better plays than were offered to the public.

A plan so vast, however ably conceived, was sure to go to pieces in the hands of a man who did not enjoy public esteem and confidence; but the triumph of the notables in their own cause was a fresh warning to the people that they would have to defend theirs with more vigor."

But his triumph was not simply the conquest of these refractory creatures; it was something much more astonishing.

"If England triumphs," the pilot continued, "Liberty will be the fashion.

His greatest triumph was "The Hunchback," 1832.

45 Metaphors for  triumph