86 Words to use with honeys

The first brown honey-bees brought to California are said to have arrived in San Francisco in March, 1853.

On these occasions I am sure to be in good-humour for a week or two after, and enjoy a reflected honey-moon.

Chamaebatia foliolosa, a little shrub about a foot high, with flowers like the strawberry, makes handsome carpets beneath the pines, and seems to be a favorite with the bees; while pines themselves furnish unlimited quantities of pollen and honey-dew.

I know enough to keep out of somebody else's honey pot.

These English dwellings have no such separate surroundings; they all grow together, like the cells of a honey-comb.

Take two copper coins in your mouth, and two honey-cakes in your hands.' "Psyche travelled to Tænarus, near Lacedæmon, and there she found a hole leading to the Underworld.

"Attend," said the queen, "upon this sweet gentleman; hop in his walks, and gambol in his sight; feed him with grapes and apricots, and steal for him the honey-bags from the bees.

" "Oh, honey baby, you promise!

By the North American Indians, the plantain or "way-bread" is "the white man's foot," to which Longfellow, in speaking of the English settlers, alludes in his "Hiawatha": "Wheresoe'er they move, before them Swarms the stinging fly, the Ahmo, Swarms the bee, the honey-maker; Wheresoe'er they tread, beneath them Springs a flower unknown among us, Springs the white man's foot in blossom.

Bid her steal into that pleasant arbour, where honey-suckles, ripened by the sun, like ungrateful minions, forbid the sun to enter."

One honey-creeper was a perfect little gem, with plumage that was black, purple, and turquoise, and brilliant scarlet feet.

Presently a clear, ringing discharge of thunder is heard, followed by a rush of wind that comes sounding over the bending woods like the roar of the ocean, mingling raindrops, snow-flowers, honey-flowers, and bees in wild storm harmony.

In the case of such hard-coated seed as the black locust or honey locust, it is best to soak them in hot water before planting.

Zohák in perfect innocence of heart Assented to the oath, and bound himself Never to tell the secret; all he wished Was still to hear the good man's honey words.

I would have just reached the Centre after cycling in the sun when honey drops would be put in my eyes.

The men found several honey-trees, and fruits of various kinds, and small cocoanuts; they chopped down an ample number of palms, for the palm-cabbage; and, most important of all, they gathered a quantity of big Brazil-nuts, which when roasted tasted like the best of chestnuts and are nutritious; and they caught a number of big piranhas, which were good eating.

She called him: "Have you a little honey-water?" The merchant set down a bronze vase on the ground to serve her; but she, with pretended clumsiness, upset the vase, and said to him: "Never mind!

In Southern California, where bee-culture has had so much skilful attention of late years, the pasturage is not more abundant, or more advantageously varied as to the number of its honey-plants and their distribution over mountain and plain, than that of many other portions of the State where the industrial currents flow in other channels.

The Great Central Plain of California, during the months of March, April, and May, was one smooth, continuous bed of honey-bloom, so marvelously rich that, in walking from one end of it to the other, a distance of more than 400 miles, your foot would press about a hundred flowers at every step.

Like the laborious bee, For little drops of honey fly, And there with humble sweets contents her Industry.' (Cowley).

Truth is, hit looks mighty bad for the young feller, honey girl.

We pass over the first few days devoted to honey-mooning, and look in upon them as they sit at dinner.

This stanza from her Amor Mundi (Love of the World) is characteristic: "So they two went together in glowing August weather, The honey-breathing heather lay to their left and right;

In Egypt they are taken far up the Nile, and floated slowly home again, gathering the honey-harvest of the various fields on the way, timing their movements in accord with the seasons.

Then: "Honey-bell," she said tranquilly, "if we are bitter, try to remember that we are a nation in pain.

86 Words to use with  honeys