50 Words to use with orphan

Everybody knows Smith, the good-natured, eccentric Smith; Smith the bachelor, who has an income greatly beyond his moderate expenditures, and enough of capital to spoil, as he says, the orphan children of his sister.

Then, smiling and rubbing with the back of her free hand at a flour-streak across her cheek: "Ifif it's the lady from the orphan asylum come to see about thethe little kid we wantis there anything I can do for you?

" One of her orphan boys ran off to find out what was wrong.

"An orphan girl, in whose fate the sages of the Republic so seriously busy themselves, has need of every friend in whom she can confide.

"He has received a legacy to-day, that is all," was the response; "he has had an orphan niece and nurse sent to him from some remote place in the Highlands.

In one cottage, where we stopped a few minutes, the old woman told us that, in addition to their own family, they had three young women living with themthe orphan daughters of her husband's brother.

There was not a single halfpenny in hand between the matrons of the three orphan houses.

However, "All's well that ends well;" a famine had been in the colony, and the Choctaw Comptesse had starved, leaving nought but a half-caste orphan family lurking on the edge of the settlement, bearing our French gentlewoman's own new name, and being mentioned in Monsieur's will.

The orphan angel.

He soon recovered, and folding his orphan grandchildren in his arms, cried, "My poor Jack, art thou gone" "My dear old man," said Harley, "Providence has sent you to relieve them.

My only solace, only joy, Since the sad day I lost my mother, Is nursing her own Willy boy, My little orphan brother.

But she is a gentlewoman, with generations of gentlewomen back of her, and lives for Doro, her orphan ward, whom she has taught music.

But Agatha Musgrave, likewise, remembered the orphan cousin who had been reared with her.

Presently the two little orphan sisters of the missing men came upon the pier, and Helstone, the pilot, and some of the others anxiously endeavoured to cheer and console them.

Walt Disney's The Three orphan kittens.

He now saw that the orphan birds were as well provided for as when their own mother was living.

Mr. Hornby has two nephews, the orphan sons of his two elder brothers, and I may tell you that since the decease of their parents he has acted the part of a father to both of them.

his orphan heir Not in shame, but stainless honour, Lies thy slaughtered father there.

Indeed, the boy loved her so much that he would have subscribed to anything she bade him at that time, and the happiest period of all his life was this: when the young mother, with her daughter and son, and the orphan lad whom she protected, read and worked and played, and were children together.

She is now in the lower country, and her orphan babes are in Kentucky.

Said the Colonel, 'How can babies of battle bear the brunt?' Said the little orphan rascals, 'please Sir, take us to the front!

To the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States: I communicate herewith a letter from the Secretary of the Interior and accompanying papers, respecting the sum of $16,024.80 now in the hands of the agent of the Choctaw Indians, being a balance remaining from the sales of Choctaw orphan reservations under the nineteenth article of the treaty of 1830, and commend the subject to the favorable consideration of Congress.

" Quite as indicative of the value he put on education was the aid he gave towards sending his young relatives and others to college, his annual contribution to an orphan school, his subscriptions to academies, and his wish for a national university.

What better boon can feeling hearts bestow, What nobler ornament can deck our isle; Than one that robs the wretched of their woe, And makes the widow and the orphan smile?

You never repented of that kindness which bade your heart bleed for their orphan state, and urged you to take them to your gentle bosom, and soothe them as your own.

50 Words to use with  orphan