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Which preposition to use with « embankment »

Which preposition to use with « embankment »

  • Here, sitting on the stump of an old tree, he spies little Bob Peepers, weeping as if his heart would break: the briny tears coursing down his ruddy cheeks form little rivulets of salt water with high embankments of genuine soil on either side, and a distracted map of a war-ridden country is depicted upon his grief-stricken countenance.
  • As we passed the railway embankment at Rubbia, we saw and spoke to some Italian machine-gunners in position, whose orders were to hold up the enemy till the last possible moment.
  • The Embankment on the one side of the Thames is noble in itself, but you look across from it at the hideous and dirty wharves of Southwark.
  • Some of it not much used now, since winter had come, but under Marty's leadership, a skating rink construction gang had thrown up a dirt embankment in a low spot near the creek and then cut a channel far enough upstream to flood about four acres of swamp.
  • From a plain of whitish-grey soil, covered with concentric shells as large as a nut, rises a circular embankment with gently-sloping sides, intersected only by a small cleft which serves as an entrance, and which shows, on its edges denuded of vegetation, the loose rapilli of which the embankment is formed.
  • But the almost uninjured railway trucks that had run their little race, down embankments into the bush, were saved to run again.
  • Coral blocks have been quarried from the reef and fitted to make an embankment for half a mile, which juts out just far enough to be usable as a mole.
  • The system of agriculture practised in this part of Baluchistán is simple, but effective, the fields being divided off by ridges of earth and raised embankments to an accurate level.
  • On either side of the line are long sandhills, between which the train runs out from Uzun Ada; when it reaches the arm of the sea which separates Long Island from the continent, it crosses an embankment about 1,200 yards long, edged with masses of rock to protect it against the violence of the waves.
  • At one spot, on a high embankment over standing water, the rail was gone, sunk probably.
  • that turning into Go-by Street that leads up from the Embankment toward the Strand and which you and I always do go by and perhaps never see in passing, he found the door which one enters on the way to the Land of Dream.
  • The London County Council, School Board, Common Council, Court of Aldermen, and the Royal Academicians after discovering, respectively, some trifling sources of dissatisfaction, wreck their several establishments, and finally march along the Thames Embankment towards Westminster, singing, alternately, the "Marseillaise" and "Ask a Pleece-man." Tuesday.
  • Moreover, its contribution to our liveliness, when it does arrive, falls at an extremely steep angleso steep, indeed, that it only just clears the embankment under which we live, and falls upon the very doorsteps of the dug-outs with which that sanctuary is honeycombed.
  • It was one of a fairly new block of four or five at the bottom of Beaufort Street, about half a mile along the embankment from George's house.
  • In this manner, at Lowestoffe-Ness, as well as at Yarmouth, the sea has erected a series of natural embankments against itself.
  • His glance rested on the green embankment along the beck.
  • A signpost, as I turned into the square, told me that I was at Jouy-sur-Morin, and a few moments later, I came upon a group of gentlemen in frock coats standing talking on an embankment below the church.
  • We passed along the broad embankment beside the Tiber and through the Square of St Peter's.
  • These furrows and the tall gravel embankments between them circle a central point, continue in a straight row, form a loop and then flow in irregularly undulating lines into the surrounding field, where they end at a straight line.
  • A memorial to SOE's agents was unveiled on the Albert Embankment by Lambeth Palace in London in October 2009.
  • CHARING CROSS: Heart is in the right place but hugely disappointing for such a central station, overshadowed by Embankment down the road.

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