Which preposition to use with motions

of Occurrences 1227%

The motions of the heavenly bodies are the same as they were thousands of years ago.

to Occurrences 265%

he is above the mountains now, and how like an arrow he goes, straight forward, with no visible motion to his wings.

in Occurrences 220%

In about an hour more we had the doors secured, and every thing arranged in its place, when, cutting the cords which fastened us to the ground, by means of small steel blades which worked in the ends of other screws, we rose from the earth with a whizzing sound, and a sensation at first of very rapid ascent: but after a short time, we were scarcely sensible of any motion in the machine, except when we changed our places.

for Occurrences 139%

Reclining with great ease of attitude upon an uncushioned settee, the Ritualistic organist is aroused from dreamy slumber by the turning-over of the pipe in his mouth, and majestically motions for the venerable woman of the house to come and brush the ashes from his clothes.

with Occurrences 76%

When snow begin get soft, Pymeuts all go off" He motioned with his big head towards the hills.

by Occurrences 58%

The main rule is to secure sunlight,hot enough to raise the water to a temperature above that of the outer air, to remove all dirt and floating scum, and to furnish the tank on every cloudy day with a supply of air and with motion by means of a syringe.

from Occurrences 57%

The place seemed to him deserted, for he failed to observe the group of three intently watching his motions from the high bank overhead.

on Occurrences 54%

The 'King's friends' were in a minority of one in the last great division in the old Parliament; in the motion on the Address in the new Parliament they had a majority of 168.

towards Occurrences 33%

He motioned towards the tent.

toward Occurrences 32%

Like all huge, half-seen things they seemed in motion toward him.

at Occurrences 26%

I contrived to arrest the Astronaut's motion at the required elevation just about the moment of sunset on the region of the Earth immediately underneath.

like Occurrences 25%

At length, as I entered the pass, the huge rocks began to close around in all their wild, mysterious impressiveness, when suddenly, as I was gazing eagerly about me, a drove of gray hairy beings came in sight, lumbering toward me with a kind of boneless, wallowing motion like bears.

as Occurrences 23%

The Sugar Pine is as free from conventionalities of form and motion as any oak.

of Occurrences 15%

Methinks I see the Motions of her Eyes, And how her Virgin Breasts do fall and rise: Her bashful Blush, her timorous Desire, Adding new Flame to his too vigorous Fire; Whilst he the charming Beauty must embrace, And shall I live to suffer this Disgrace?

about Occurrences 14%

For my part I ain't never seen look nor motion about Mr. Gray Stoddard that wasn't such as a gentleman ort to be.

without Occurrences 12%

Gersíwaz was appointed the leader of that army, which was put in motion without delay against the unoffending youth.

through Occurrences 12%

In the experiments made by Mr. John Hunter, to discover the use of this general diffusion of air through the bodies of birds, he found that it prevents their respiration from being stopped or interrupted by the rapidity of their motion through a resisting medium.

than Occurrences 11%

At first we might be inclined to attribute the development of cosmic energy to the etheric particles themselves, but a little consideration will show us that this is mathematically impossible in a medium which is equally distributed throughout space, for all its particles are in equilibrium and so no one particle possesses per se a greater power of originating motion than any other.

into Occurrences 10%

Huge, bossy cumuli developed with astonishing rapidity from mere buds, swelling with visible motion into colossal mountains, and piling higher, higher, in long massive ranges, peak beyond peak, dome over dome, with many a picturesque valley and shadowy cave between; while the dark firs and pines of the upper benches of the Sierra were projected against their pearl bosses with exquisite clearness of outline.

over Occurrences 9%

As Joe continued to wave one hand with an undulating motion over the silent black-covered figure in the chair, he touched, here and there, the drapery over Helen.

within Occurrences 7%

Indeed, motion within proper bounds is essential to the full development and perfect maintenance of the bodily health.

before Occurrences 7%

Nothing is more evident than that neither condemnation nor punishment is intended by the motion before us, which is only to remove from power a man who has no other claim to it than the will of his master, and who, as he had not been injured by never obtaining it, cannot justly complain that it is taken from him.

under Occurrences 7%

The patrons take off their street clothing and put on light woolen shirts and trousers, and canvas shoes on their bare feet, and, standing in rows, go through a series of motions under the command of their instructor to exercise the arms, legs, neck, and every other part of the body, gently, not violently.

among Occurrences 5%

I may be answered that, according to the rules of motion among bodies, one ought to shake or move another.

against Occurrences 5%

Insisting rigidly on these instructions, he mounted his night-black charger, and hastened towards Rustem, who now proposed to him that they should wait awhile, and that in the meantime the two armies might be put in motion against each other.

Which preposition to use with  motions