Which preposition to use with specie

of Occurrences 1600%

Do not the most improved and civilized of modern states still take them as their instructors and guides in every species of literaturein philosophy, history, oratory, poetry, architecture, and sculpture?

in Occurrences 112%

This is the most charmingly symmetrical of all the giants of the Sierra woods, far surpassing its companion species in this respect, and easily distinguished from it by the purplish-red bark, which is also more closely furrowed than that of the white, and by its larger cones, more regularly whorled and fronded branches, and by its leaves, which are shorter, and grow all around the branchlets and point upward.

from Occurrences 42%

In the second place, there are no data whatever, which justify the biologist in assigning any, even approximately definite, period of time, either long or short, to the evolution of one species from another by the process of variation and selection.

as Occurrences 42%

It is precisely of the same species as those which we threw over in our aerial voyages, and which, though correctly called moon-stones by the vulgar, (who are oftener right than the learned suppose,) some of the western philosophers declared to have been gravitated in the atmosphere.

with Occurrences 30%

Hence, no doubt, has arisen the notion that the crow (supposed to be of the same species with the European) made his appearance in this country first on the Atlantic coast, and gradually spread westward, passing through the State of New York about the time of the Revolution.

by Occurrences 24%

On the contrary, it is generally, if not universally, agreed that the succession of life has been the result of a slow and gradual replacement of species by species; and that all appearances of abruptness of change are due to breaks in the series of deposits, or other changes in physical conditions.

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An oak of the early budding species for two centuries enjoyed such a notoriety, having been said to shoot forth its leaves on old Christmas Day, no leaf being seen either before or after that day during winter.

to Occurrences 18%

Like agitations in his boiling blood Present like species to his troubled mind; His nature, and his actions all canine.

on Occurrences 17%

I have never yet observed a single specimen of the mule-deer of the Great Basin west of the summit, and rarely one of the black-tailed species on the eastern slope, notwithstanding many of the latter ascend the range nearly to the summit every summer, to feed in the wild gardens and bring forth their young.

than Occurrences 15%

But the California forests are made up of a greater number of distinct species than any other in the world.

at Occurrences 10%

May it not be, then that the time will come when some sentient beings, as far superior to man, as man is to the animals of the era of the lizards and the amphibia, shall, like the geologists of the present day, be delving among the rocks and rubbish of vanished ages, for evidences of the existences of our own proud species at, to them, some remote period of the world's progress?

into Occurrences 6%

[Footnote 4: Not that the transmutation of one species into another has yet been detected in any instance, or perhaps, even were it a fact, could be detected; but that such a serial graduation has been observed as might be commodiously explained by that supposition,and also by fifty others.]

during Occurrences 5%

The exports of specie during the first quarter of the present fiscal year have been $14,651,827.

without Occurrences 3%

"I replied, "I am quite aware of the effect of breeding; we have a race of dog in England which, from their progenitors of many successive generations having had their tails cut off in puppyhood, now breed their species without tails; nay, morewhat are all our sporting dogs, but evidence of the same fact?

after Occurrences 3%

Then one species after another comes into flower, gradually overspreading the green with yellow and purple, which lasts until May.

among Occurrences 3%

The settling up of much of their former range, with pursuit by skin-hunters, head-hunters, and meat-hunters, has had much to do with the reduction in numbers of the mountain sheep, but more important than these have been the ravages by diseases brought in to their range by the domestic sheep, and then spread by the wild species among their wild associates.

between Occurrences 3%

And shall not the want of reason and speech be a sign to us of different real constitutions and species between a changeling and a reasonable man?

beyond Occurrences 2%

Nature is both a trickster and a humorist, and ever sets the will of the species beyond the discernment of the individual.

over Occurrences 2%

What would a man think of a watchmaker who should have the art to make watches, which, of themselves, should produce others ad infinitum in such a manner that two original watches should be sufficient to multiply and perpetuate their species over the whole earth?

through Occurrences 2%

The argument from economics to biology and back again, is said to be nearing exposure; the "progress of the species through the internecine struggle of its individuals at the margin of subsistence," is the outgoing idea.

under Occurrences 2%

It is certain each of these hath a real difference from the rest; but whether it be an essential, a specific difference or no, relates only to the complex idea to which the name watch is given: as long as they all agree in the idea which that name stands for, and that name does not as a generical name comprehend different species under it, they are not essentially nor specifically different.

within Occurrences 2%

The appearance and disappearance of species within our experience teach us that Nature's lists are not filled once for all, but that the changes which geology shows in past ages continue into the present.

about Occurrences 2%

This is a robust species about a yard high, with large lanceolate leaves, and small, rosy-red flowers arranged in corymbose heads.

around Occurrences 1%

And in large genera the unequal resemblance shows itself in the clustering of the species around several types or central species, like satellites around their respective planets.

above Occurrences 1%

Now there are many honest people, not as eloquent as Mr. Choate, not as scholarly, and perhaps not more illogical, who firmly believe that our compromises on the question of Slavery have afforded examples of both the species above described.

Which preposition to use with  specie