12 adverbs to describe how to fluctuate

The policy of the Court in relation to the Jews continually fluctuates.

According to the season, animal life fluctuates strangely.

But how was it possible, that to a demand so exceedingly fluctuating the supply should always exactly accommodate itself?

On her return home once more her religious state seems to have fluctuated considerably.

As exchangeable value in this case, as in every other, is proverbially fluctuating, it does not matter what we suppose it to be when we begin; we shall soon see whether there be any fixed point about which it oscillateswhich it has a tendency always to approach to, and to remain at.

It was amassed in the canned-fruit trade, which, I understand, does not fluctuate severely, though doubtless in the last instance dependent on the crops.

still fluctuated undecidedly between the various parties which were so violently disputing together over public opinion left to itself.

Lermontoff said that it was a precarious crop, a world luxury, the price of which fluctuated alarmingly.

It fluctuated wildly, going up and down hundreds of points.

Policy obliged Francis I. to seek the support of the Protestants of Germany against Charles V.; he was incessantly fluctuating between that policy and a strictly Catholic and papal policy; by marrying his son Henry, on the 28th of October, 1533, to Catherine de' Medici, niece of Pope Clement VII., he seemed to have decided upon the latter course; but he had afterwards made a movement in the contrary direction;

The light had the preternatural purity which gives a foretaste of mirage: it was the light in which magic becomes real, and which helps to understand how, to people living in such an atmosphere, the boundary between fact and dream perpetually fluctuates.

But, as their situation was precarious, their dispositions were proportionably fluctuating.

12 adverbs to describe how to  fluctuate  - Adverbs for  fluctuate