108 words to describe how to  object  - Adverbs for  object

108 words to describe how to object

Dorn objected strenuously.

Mother at first seriously objected to my going on this trip fearing I would fall into the hands of Indians.

Now, Tom Oldfield was well known for his gallantry, and no one had ever accused him of being disturbed over a call from ladies, under any circumstances, but all had not yet learned what was the sad, sincere truth, that Mr. Oldfield decidedly objected to any interruption when he was smoking his after-breakfast cigar and glancing over the news of the day.

He naturally objected to paying money or service without benefit received; and he could see no good that this "overlord" did for him or for his district.

To this surely no person will object.

Of course, you could," objected Tony.

I cannot possibly object to his hauling his manure, even through this house, should he wish it.

When the men first began to sweat the sails up, evidently in preparation for an immediate departure, I objected vehemently.

But Uncle Philip violently objected to this proposal.

Love like hers was nothing to be ashamed of; and that Victor could reasonably object to her giving her heart to one of his secretaries was something far from her thought just then.

"I don't know," he said, "if the court please, what this boy is trying to tell nor what wild idea has found lodgement in his brain; but I certainly object to the introduction of such hearsay evidence as counsel seems trying to bring out.

Once, it is true, this possibility had loomed up large before the Marshalls, when a high-protection legislature objected loudly to the professor's unreverent attitude towards the tariff.

His keen eyes went slowly, hungrily, from face to face, as if he would not have greatly objected to picking one of his companions in that very room.

I object to you altogether.

The seniors objected promptly, and deserted, to the inexpressible delight of the subalterns; but even the under-paid extravagant youths grew tired of extortion after a month or two, and Yussuf had to look elsewhere for customers.

Health Minister Arsen Torosyan publicly objected to such a measure as recently as on Sunday.

Had they desired a vote of credit, it might have been justly objected that they required to be trusted with the publick money, without declaring, or being able to declare, how it was to be employed; that either they questioned the wisdom or honesty of the senate; and, therefore, durst undertake nothing till they were secure of the supplies necessary for the execution of it.

" "But he was mad," objected Doctor Mary obstinately.

Had taxes been uniform, it would have been universally objected to, for no one object could be selected without involving great inconveniences and oppressions.

They equally object to Prince Frederick of Orange, and to Prince Leopold, whom Russia would have had willingly.

The dissentients chiefly objected to the power of declaring war and concluding treaties of peace being vested in the sovereign.

To the other, who objects more plausibly to Dickens's habit of attaching to each of his characters some label which is either so much flaunted all through that you cannot see the character at all or else mysteriously and unaccountably disappears when the story begins to grip the author, Dickens has himself offered an amusing and convincing defence.

He does not positively object.

And I suppose you objected vigorously?" suggested Frank, falling down by the fire and assuming a listening attitude.

I merely object to being governed by an inferior and servile race."

To this her mother warmly objected; and argument and respectful remonstrance had followed each other for some time, before Clara submitted in silence, with difficulty restraining her tears.

He likewise objected to the making the Portuguese Amnesty a seeming condition of the recognition of Miguel.

It is continually objected, that infidels, immoral men, and women of ill-repute, array themselves upon the side of equal rights to women: so do infidels, libertines, and women lost to shame, array themselves against it; therefore, the one counterbalances the other.

I would gladly meet with one general affirmation concerning any will, no doubt, be presently objected, Is not this an universal proposition, ALL GOLD IS MALLEABLE?

Stones were added by new objectors, and on behalf of the over 200 people who formally objected last year and the nearly 7,000 who have already signed the on-line petition.

The American colonists would have doubtless objected to either alternative.

After several state legislatures initially objected to the proposal during the 1920s, a number of them re-examined their position during the 1930s and decided to ratify.

"Not on another's," my father objected mildly.

When, a year later, young John Adams came courting the brilliant Abigail, the parish, which assumed a right to be heard on the question of the destiny of the minister's daughter, grimly objected.

"Maybe you won't object so hard to Palo Alto now," he bantered at last, when at dusk he ventured out upon "El Camino Real" (which is pure Spanish for "The King's Highway"), that had linked Mission to Mission all down the fertile length of California when the land was wilderness.

The five stories are told in simple and clear language, and without slang, to which she heartily objects.

From 1846 to 1857 we have received into this country of grain of all kinds, including flour, maize, or India cornall objects heretofore not of absolute prohibition, but which were intended to be prohibited until it was not safe for people to be starved any morenot less than an amount equal in value to £224,000,000.

The Chairs, or rather the Court, somewhat impertinently object to the addition I made to a recent draft, recommending an enquiry by practical and scientific men as to the powers India may possess of producing many articles of stores now sent from England.

Morriston objected incredulously.

Besides, he invariably objected on principle to anything Racey might see fit to propose.

Your mollusc, on the contrary, is inwardly objecting to every other grade of solid rather than to himself.

Lastly, Some may yet object, and say, If it were not worse with me than it is with others, I could then be satisfied; but I see some mightily prevailing over corruption, and I am still at under, and can get no victory; and can I choose but be sad at this?

But," objected Aaron King, lazily,from where he lay under a live-oak on the mountainside, a few feet above the trail,"either route presupposes our wish to return to Fairlands."

Longstreet objected saying his troops needed rest from the long march.

I would object her being hired to any colored person no matter what their character was; and if she cannot get into a respectable family I had rather she came home, and if she can't work out put her to spinning and weaving.

" "Well, we're hardly team material," objected Dave modestly.

Before Newton, people thought that only objects near to the earth would fall down.

Sarah Moon is one of five people to have objected online.

He attributes to outward objects his subjective states, and regards them as like himself, only infinitely more powerful.

They always wanted to pat Keith, and he objected passionately to all of them.