5 Metaphors for brilliancy

It is for those who buy pictures to look out for the man who arbitrarily and suddenly changes his manner or method; he is as a cork tossed about on the surface of the waters, drifting with every breeze, submerged by every ripple, fickle and unstable; if his work possess any merit, it will be only the cheap merit of cleverness; its brilliancy will be simply the gloss of dash.

"The brilliancy which the sun displays on its own disk, is sun shine."Ib., p. 63.

The stranger was richly dressed, and was altogether a very distinguished-looking person, but the excessive brilliancy of his eyes was a disfigurement.

Tendilla shone in a family in which intellectual brilliancy was a heritage, the accomplishments of its members adding distinction to a house of origin and descent exceptionally illustrious.

He could stoop to a plain style, sometimes even to a bald style; but false brilliancy was his utter aversion.

5 Metaphors for  brilliancy