67 Metaphors for  fought

67 Metaphors for fought

His most recent fight was a 40-second TKO win over Donald Cerrone in January.

A fair fight, a free-for-all who are unhandicapped, is the motto of natural selection.

The fight, which will retail at $64.99 -- up from $59.99 the UFC charged for its PPV events in the first year of its exclusive PPV distribution deal with ESPN+ -- will be McGregor’s first appearance since October 2018 when he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

A quail fight, a battle between two trained rams, a cock fight, even an encounter between trained tamed buffaloes, are very common spectacles in the villages; but the most popular sport is a good wrestling match.

The fight had become a symbol, almost a message to him, even as his gift to the Mullah had become a message to the people of Chiltistan.

And then Joe understood that his work was not child's play; that the fight was man-size; that it had its dangers, its perils, its fierce struggles.

Mattathias was sufficiently enlightened to perceive that fighting on the Sabbath, if attacked, was a supreme necessity, remembering doubtless that Moses recognized the right of necessary work even on the sacred day of rest.

J.B. Well, Ma'am, I don't know whether a cat-and-dog fight is a case of what God hath joined together; but it's the hard thing for man to put asunder!

Why not figure that out now, in second grade, by talking to a professional, while the fights are still small and relatively low stakes?

His fight at first had been partly force of habit, but he was so entirely crushed that they could only have pity on him when he put himself so entirely in their hands, only begging for forbearance to his wife and her aged father, and entreating that principal, interest, and compound interest might at once be tendered to Mrs. Poynsett.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, uttered, The fight against Islamist terrorism is our common struggle.

It would seem that the earlier comers, who had drawn up their long ships on the beach, and thrown up earthworks round their camp, instantly resented the attempt of later arrivals to poach on their preserves, and that a fierce fight was the result.

This sea fight in the South Atlantic was the most important engagement in which British men-of-war had participated since the era of Napoleon.

Upon Saint Crispin's day Fought was this noble fray, Which fame did not delay To England to carry; O, when shall Englishmen With such acts fill a pen, Or England breed again Such a King Harry!

The Civil WarJayhawkingWild Bill's Fight with the McCandless Gang of DesperadoesI become Wild Bill's Assistant Wagon-MasterWe Lose our Last Dollar on a Horse RaceHe becomes a Government ScoutHe has a Duel at Springfield.

Jones last fought in 2018 while Tyson's last professional fight was a defeat by Kevin McBride 15 years ago.

"The Fight for Calais" is a chapter of history which for the Germans is written in blood.

Truly, as the fight was a deliverance to them, they were in the right to give thanks for it; but as to its being a victory, neither side had much to boast of, and they less a great deal than we had.

With sufficient provocation I even attacked attendantsproblems in themselves; but such fights as I subsequently engaged in were fights either for my own rights or the rights of others.

But our real fights are mostly commonplace, routine battles, where no great victory is ours at the end of the day.

The fight was on, the professional duel between traditional enemies, in which the stakea human lifewas in truth the thing of least concern, had begun.

And every fight that does not raise up the word of God is not jihad, but rather a scourge on the Ummah and its youth.

However, he was of the view that fight against terrorism was a continuing process that required commitment and whole nation approach.

CHAPTER IV Next day the Siner-Pack fight was the focus of news interest in Hooker's Bend.

"After all our work, are you going to give him up without a fight?" "A fight would be a gunfight, and a gunfight ends up in a death," said Bull gently.

A love that goes all the way with human need, that gives not itself by measure, that is not chilled by indifference, nor thwarted by ingratitude, that fights against evil until it overcomes itsuch was the love He gave, and such is the love He asks.

A fierce fight is often an earnest of future friendship, however, for we are told that Halfdan and Viking, having failed to conquer Njorfe, even after a most obstinate struggle, sheathed their swords and accepted him as a third in their close bond of friendship.

" Jack's fight was the talk of the day aboard the Queen Mary; and aboard the Indefatigable, too, for that matter.

The 1st clause declares that since cock-fights are a source of revenue to the State, they shall only take place in arenas licensed by the Government.

To Holland, the false fight for Constantine was a lockdown distraction for those taking part.

In Larkin’s own words: This great fight of ours is not simply a question of shorter hours or better wages.

He had almost reached the gate of the Palatium, crying out: "We have conquered our perfidious friends, our cowardly foes: now they know that fighting with men is a very different thing from ravishing maidens."

His last fight was December 12, 2015 against fellow Dane Patrick Nielsen.

The fight was a succession of single combats, each man sheltering himself behind a stump, or rock, or tree-trunk, the superiority of the backwoodsmen in the use of the rifle being offset by the superiority of their foes in the art of hiding and of shielding themselves from harm.

The crowd round a couple of dogs fighting is a crowd masculine mainly, with an occasional active, compassionate woman fluttering wildly round the outside and using her tongue and her hands freely upon the men, as so many "brutes"; it is a crowd annular, compact, and mobile; a crowd centripetal, having its eyes and its heads all bent downward and inward to one common focus.

A fight against unranked welterweight Gunnar Nelson would be an awesome way for Martin to attempt to substantiate that claim.

To me, Fight is equally as much a vibe as it is a protest record.

The fight for the northern half of the embattled island was a toe-to-toe slugging match, with the Americans possessing the advantage of superior firepower and the Japanese using their prepared positions and excellent concealment to their advantage.

From Notre-Dame-des-Landes in Calais, the fight remains class against class!

In a naval battle for instance, ships no longer engage at close range, where it is possible for the crew of one to board the opposing ship and engage in hand to hand conflict with the enemy; machinery turns the guns and even loads them; the whole fight is simply a contest between trained gunners, who must depend for success on cool mathematical computation.

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.

The fight was not a Parliamentary success and Waller was forced to retire before the King's men under Lord Wilmot.

These fights were no mere bloodless affairs, but stubbornly contested, with heavy casualties, as a decided principle was involved in the conflict.

A prize fight on the platform was generally a feature of the entertainment.

And then the Gastelum fight was a war.

He got into another fight in Naples in 1609, but this fight could have been enemies (people who hated him) trying to kill him.

The North may defeat the aristocracy of the South, and doubtless will defeat it; but never can she defeat the true South, because the principle for which the true South fights is the truthat least the germ of truth if not the fulness of it.

And so, with lips hard set and white, he buries the hope that is gone, His fight is lostand he knows it is lostand

A well-sustained fight, though an event of no uncommon occurrence, was a form of entertainment that never failed to attract.

To lose such an opportunity for a fight was a height of absurdity for which treason and cowardice were inadequate terms.