158 Metaphors for  grandfathers

158 Metaphors for grandfathers

I was soon after sent to school at a village hard by, of which my grandfather had been dictator time out of mind; but as he neither paid for my board, nor supplied me with clothes, books, or other necessaries, my condition was very ragged and contemptible; and the schoolmaster gave himself no concern about the progress I made.

My grandfather is an anesthesiologist in Shanghai.

My grandfather is a crossword afficionado and he’s still as sharp as ever.

Her grandfather was designer and architect Carl Malmsten (1888 1972).

His grand and great-grandfather had been pastors.

In other words, one's 15th great-grandfather may have been their 15th great-grandfather more than once if the person today is descended from children of both or all of his marriages.

To be sure, as her grandfather had been a cannibal chief, according to the common story, and, at any rate, a terrible wild savage, and as her mother retained to the last some of the prejudices of her early education, there was a heathen flavor in her Christianity, which had often scandalized the elder of the minister's two deacons.

My great-grandfather was really the first settler in these parts and originally located his cabin where the mill now stands.

[Footnote 7: The great-grandfather of Henry V was Edward III, the hero of the early part of the Hundred Years' War.]

His grandfather was a conservative bourgeois of a superior type, who was the author of treatises designed to narcotize the forces of rebellion of his time.

My grandfather was a smuggler and all of the big warlord commanders were his clients, she says.

Barnaby True was a good, honest boy, as boys go, but yet was he not ever allowed altogether to forget that his grandfather had been that very famous pirate, Captain William Brand, who, after so many marvellous adventures (if one may believe the catchpenny stories and ballads that were writ about him), was murdered in Jamaica by Captain John Malyoe, the commander of his own consort, the Adventure galley.

It is absolutely refreshing to be so unaffectedly despised and slightedit does one a world of good, there is no doubt of that, especially when one's grandfather was a Revolutionary notability, and other antecedents of a piecebut men are all alike at heart, only the worldly ones wear flimsy masks, you know, and pretend to adore intellect and ugliness, when beauty is the only thing they care forall a sham, my dear, in any case."

From that day, the day on which my mother died, my grandfather became both father and mother to me.

I told him that my great-grandfather and my uncle were both carvers, that our family had worked in the lumber industry in Czernowitz.

Your grandfather was a trifle eccentric, I judge, but not a fool by any manner of means.

Her maternal grandfather was Saskatchewan MP John Harrison.

His grandfather was cousin of the celebrated Sir Ralph Abercrombie, who defeated Napoleon's forces in Egypt, and his ancestors held commissions in our army for upwards of four generations.

My deceased grandfather, as far as I remember, was a sort of house-steward to my grandmother.

Her father was that Duc d'Orléans who shocked the none too strait-laced Europe of two centuries ago by his orgies; her grandfather was that other Orleans Duke, brother of Louis XIV., whose passion for his minions broke the heart of his English wife, the Stuart Princess Henriettta; and she had for mother one of the daughters of Madame de Montespan, light-o'-love to le Roi Soleil.

His great Grandfather was Inventor of that famous Country-Dance which is call'd after him.

My grandfather was Louis Barnett, owned by Nick Barnett of Cleveland co., then Dorsey co.

My grandfather was a pilot in World War II, and part of the reason why I chose the Navy as my desired branch of service, said Jackson.

A DREAM OF HER GRANDFATHER Her grandfather was a Dakota "medicine man."

Matthew L. Davis, Burr's first biographer and intimate friend, says that Burr's grandfather was a German; Parton, speaking of the family at the time of the birth of Burr's father, says that it was Puritan and had flourished in New England for three generations.

Isaac’s grandfather, Joe DeGregoio, was John Calipari’s college coach at Clarion during the 1981 and 1982 seasons.

My mother's grandfather, on her mother's side, was a clergyman, Elder Bliss, who, though a non-combatant, was a fiery patriot, two of whose sons were in the Revolutionary army.

"Grandfather was Alexander Carey, LL.D.,Doctor of Laws, that is.

Because my grandfather was a fisherman, I loved joining him to pull up his lobster traps and go clamming along the shore.

Her grandfather was designer and architect Carl Malmsten (1888 1972).

" It struck me that a maternal grandfather must be a grandmother, but I didn't say so.

When a man's grandfather was a rogue, there must be a taint in his blood.

And my grandfather was a bank manager.

Oh, did I mention before that my grandfather was a stonecutter?" "No," replied Elephant.

She dictates to me in my own Business, sets me right in Point of Trade, and if I disagree with her about any of my Ships at Sea, wonders that I will dispute with her, when I know very well that her Great Grandfather was a Flag Officer.

Her maternal grandfather was the eminent engraver, Theodore de Bry or Brie.

Andy's grandfather had been a famous sailor.

My great grandfather, the husband of Countess Veronica, was Alexander, Earl of Kincardine, that eminent Royalist whose character is given by Burnet in his History of his own Times.

My grandfather was a distinguished manGovernor of Madras.

"Was his grandfather a deep sleeper, Uncle Julius?"

He said Donne was originally a poet; his grandfather on the mother's side, was Heywood the epigramatist.

His grandfather was Charles Martel, who gained such signal victories over the Mohammedan Saracens; his father was Pepin, who was a renowned conqueror, and who subdued the southern part of France, or Gaul.

Grandfather was often fresh and cheerful, the oracle and comforter of the children, treated with deference by those grown up, and presented to the guest as the central figure of the home.

His grandfather, whose name was also Minos, was the son of Europa, a young princess whom a white bull, it was said, had brought on his back across the sea from distant Asia.

Ambassadors were sent to Hannibal, who sent back in company with a young man of noble birth named Hannibal, Hippocrates and Epicydes, natives of Carthage, and of Carthaginian extraction on their mother's side, but whose grandfather was an exile from Syracuse.

Thy great great great grandfather was a rich citizen, and then in all likelihood a usurer, a lawyer, and then aa courtier, and then aa country gentleman, and then he scraped it out of sheep, &c.

He managed to secure the post of a secretary to an old fellow who was engaged in writing the life of his grandfathera difficult book, as the grandfather had been a voluminous letter-writer, and this correspondence had to be collected and tabulated.

His grandfather had become a Catholic in the reign of Edward VII; and the whole house had reverted to the old religion under which it had been originally built, with the greatest ease and grace.

Only think how stuck up they would be above the lowly mollusks of the same waters, if they knew themselves as Acanthopterygii, and were aware that their great-grandfather was an Acanthopteryx before them, and so away back in the age of waters that once were over all!

Grandfather and my Uncle Jake were avid Conservatives, and it was my uncle, as the campaign manager in my hometown of Yarrow in the Fraser Valley, who brought Prime Minister John Diefenbaker to town.