30 Metaphors for grant

Mr. Brooke was, doubtless, led into this improper manner of acting, by an erroneous notion that the grant of a license was not an act of favour, but of justice; a mistake into which he could not have fallen, but from a supine inattention to the design of the statute, which was only to bring poets into subjection and dependence, not to encourage good writers, but to discourage all.

Grant was not a statesman nor a philosopher.

All such grants of land are in fact a disposal of it for value received, but they afford no precedent or constitutional reason for giving away the public lands.

In case of the worst, the Abbé Grant will be my executor in this part of the world, and Mr. Mackenzie in Scotland, where my object has been to make you and my younger brother as independent of the eldest as possible.'

In the Gibbons and Ogden case he assumed the broad ground that the grant of power to regulate commerce was exclusively the right of the General Government.

As chief of the Safety Committee, however, Grant became the real ruler of New York.

Mrs. Hamilton had the plain face proper to literary women; Mrs. Grant was a tall dark woman, with much dignity of manner: in spite of her life of misfortune, she had a great flow of spirits.

These grants from the crown, in the portions of the colony of New York that lie west of the river counties, were generally, if not invariably, simple concessions of the fee, subject to quit-rents to the king, and reservations of mines of the precious metals, without any of the privileges of feudal seignory, as existed in the older manors on the Hudson, on the islands, and on the Sound.

He had never dreamed that Professor Grant was a sprinter, but the man was running at great speedseemed to be gaining.

"It was hoped that it would, together with the other valuable seminaries of education in the same city and in the State, become adequate to the wants and wishes of our citizens," and from the proceeds of a lottery, the grant of which was an easy way for a State to be benevolent, a plain but convenient building was erected on Mulberry street.

I never will forget one word that dearest Harry said to me; nor will I cease to pray that both George Grant and I may each become a living 'Crystal Palace.'

Such grants are not, in my opinion, a violation of the Constitution.

Dis was after Emanc'pation, an' Gen'al Grant was comin' to Miss'sippi to tell de niggers dey was free.

He offered a second favor and she said: "Restore his kingdom to my father-in-law;" and it was granted, as was also the third wish: "Grant one hundred sons to my father, who has none."

The grant was a flagrant breach of faith, and was the inauguration of the system of interlopers that in after years caused so much loss and trouble to the Company.

Grant and La Farge were pioneers in the New York Zoological Park movement.

Captain Grant was the man most likely to have come to a discovery in the matter, and most heartily did he curse his luckhis "usual luck"of giving away a fortune by selling a cargo a day too soon.

The very important agency which this grant has in carrying into effect every other grant is a wrong argument in favor of the construction contended for.

Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, and Thomas, the Union champions par excellence, were West Pointers.

ja-girs are donations of lands, or, rather, of the revenues arising from a certain portion of land; strictly speaking, such a grant is a reward for military service, though it is sometimes bestowed without that condition.

General Grant's was the singular character of the country, with which he was wholly unacquainted; and General Lee's, the delay in the arrival of Longstreet.

Grant that you could have slain him, is not this, O conscript fathers, such a kindness as is done by banditti, who are contented with being able to boast that they have granted their lives to all those men whose lives they have not taken?

Sir William Read has left only with his lady the true receipt of his Styptich Water,' &c., &c. Dr. Grant was another advertising oculist, illiterate and celebrated, originally a tinker or cobbler, afterwards a Baptist preacher in Southwark.

Johann Grant, a German officer, was the most experienced artilleryman and military engineer in the place.

I told him it would not do, and what sort of a man Charles Grant was.

30 Metaphors for  grant