10 Metaphors for hurting

" She cried out as if he had hurt her, but the hurt was happiness.

The misery was ecstasy, the hurt was inspiration, the song sang sweetly as though it had been sung to soothe and not to make him suffer.

But always, when our hurts are fast healing without help, the help comes.

Indian-Agent Hurt was the only Gentile official who remained in the Territory.

"Is the young lady hurt, Jason?

" "Beltane," she whispered 'twixt quivering lips, "O loved Beltane, take heed to thy dear body, cover thee well with thy shield since thy hurts are my hurts henceforth and with thee thou dost bear my heartO risk not my heart to death without good cause!"

But still the hurt he yet received was slight; For, whilst the champion with redoubled might Strikes home the javelin, his retiring foe Shrinks from the wound, and disappoints the blow.

So I pointed out to her the help he would get from encouragement, and the possible hurt he would take were her fears to infect him.

Oft times, but chiefly then when he perceyv'd His hurt was mortall and no way but death, At every grone he cald upon her name As if that sound were present remedy; And when insulting death drew short his breath And now was ready to close up his eyes, Farewell, quoth he, where e're I find a shrine

I am sure, a great deal must be in your power; the hurting of me can be in no way his interest.

10 Metaphors for  hurting