6 Metaphors for mould

"Awake!" cried a voice; and incontinently the dust of the path and the mould under the grass became insurgent.

Leaf mould is the best manure.

The mould formed from rotten leaves is a good substitute for bog-mould if mixed with sand, and is often made use of for the same purposes.

The moulds in which the slabs are made are simple frames with linings having a thin face of India-rubber or other suitable material, by the use of which slabs with their edges as shown, and also of the greatest accuracy, can be manufactured.

But, here again, the poet owes little or nothing to vernacular poetry, the mould is English, the sentiments are those of the poet's age.

The mould used for a casserole is oval and fluted, and resembles a cake mould.

6 Metaphors for  mould