50 Words to use with baggages

More than the rear-guard would have beat a retreat at that moment, but for the fact that the baggage-wagons hemmed us in so that flight was well-nigh impossible.

Lister heard somebody open the baggage car and then saw a man run along the line beside the train.

"No," said Bob; "Mr. Harper and I investigated the baggage-room, but they weren't there.

Military transportation, that is to say, baggage trains of four-mule wagons and excellent horses for the artillery, does not exist in the Mexican army.

We left our baggage-master here with most of our luggage, to perfect his operations in the way of jerking venison, intending to return the next day.

" The stranger sat down on a baggage truck and eyed the private car reflectively.

Meanwhile, I'll talk to the baggage man before the engine gets hooked up again.

The baggage animals, the light-armed troops, and the cavalry are marshaled in the center of the army.

Leicester was bound to find the king a hawk or to pay ten pounds; while a sumpter or baggage-horse was compounded for at one pound.

Our horses, to be sure, are slow, plodding beasts, with considerable endurance, but little spirit; but the two baggage mules deserve gold medals from the Society for the Promotion of Industry.

"We will wait here then for Mr. Bishop and the baggage carriers.

"By the way, Dick," the latter said, looking up, "we have divided that lot of gold we got here ourselves into five lots, and put one lot into the blankets on each of our riding horses; it is like enough that if we carry our own scalps back to the Settlements we shan't get any of the four baggage ponies there with us.

The depth of the snow was a fathom, so that many of the baggage cattle and slaves perished, with about thirty of the soldiers.

Give your baggage checks to this porter.

The Bey proceeded across the plain of Manouba, mounted on a beautiful bay charger, in front of the colours, towards Beereen, the greater part of the troops of the expedition following, whilst the entire plain was covered with baggage-camels, horses, mules, and detached parties of attendants, in glorious confusion.

On the departure of the Erie Emissary, however, his fortitude forsook him; he threw himself on the neck of a baggage porter and wept aloud.

Still less do we hear that the sufferer was the child of some poor soldier's wife, or even of some drunken camp-follower, who had lost her place on the baggage-waggon, and trudged on with the child at her back, through dust and mire, till, in despair, she dropped her little one, and left it to the mercies of the God who gave it her.

It is composed of first and second-class cars, a restaurant car and two baggage vans.

Some cords from one of the baggage carts were used as guy ropes to the corners, and a very snug shelter was constructed.

With the last turn, which brought them level with the plain, they came upon an Indian, a baggage burro, and a riding-pony.

[Footnote A: See correspondence in Reliquiae Bodleianae, London, 1703.] 'Baggage-books' was the contemptuous expression elsewhere employed to describe this 'light infantry' of literatureBelles Lettres, as it is now more politely designated.

Enter baggage-smashers, emigrant-runners, aldermen, and other criminals.

When they reached the falls, the women got ready to carry their canoes and baggage round.

When the baggage squad had finished its task and replaced all unsuspected articles, the bags were sealed and sent on to await the owner, whose real troubles now began.

The baggage storm being over, and the great division and trans-shipment effected, we moved forward in peace.

50 Words to use with  baggages