756 examples of cored in sentences

Put the gravy in a stewpan, and add the apples, after having pared, cored, and quartered them.

The sugar must be made into syrup; the garlic, onions, and ginger be finely pounded in a mortar; the mustard-seed be washed in cold vinegar, and dried in the sun; the apples be peeled, cored, and sliced, and boiled in a bottle and a half of the vinegar.

INGREDIENTS.8 oz. of sharp, sour apples, pared and cored; 8 oz. of tomatoes, 8 oz. of salt, 8 oz. of brown, sugar, 8 oz. of stoned raisins, 4 oz. of cayenne, 4 oz. of powdered ginger, 2 oz. of garlic, 2 oz. of shalots, 3 quarts of vinegar, 1 quart of lemon-juice.

SOYER'S RECIPE FOR GOOSE STUFFING.Take 4 apples, peeled and cored, 4 onions, 4 leaves of sage, and 4 leaves of lemon thyme not broken, and boil them in a stewpan with sufficient water to cover them; when done, pulp them through a sieve, removing the sage and thyme; then add sufficient pulp of mealy potatoes to cause it to be sufficiently dry without sticking to the hand; add pepper and salt, and stuff the bird.

Add to the mashed lemon-peel the apples, which should be pared, cored, and minced; the chopped suet, currants, sugar, sliced peel, and spice.

This pudding is very good made with apples: they should be pared cored, and cut into thin slices.

Have ready the remainder of the apples pared, cored, and cut into thin slices; put them into the same syrup with the lemon-peel, and boil gently until they are reduced to a marmalade: they must be kept stirred, to prevent them from burning.

Butter a pie-dish; place a layer of bread and butter, without the crust, at the bottom; then a layer of apples, pared, cored, and cut into thin slices; sprinkle over these a portion of the lemon-peel and juice, and sweeten with moist sugar.

INGREDIENTS.To every lb. of fruit weighed after being pared, cored, and sliced, allow 3/4 lb. of preserving-sugar, the grated rind of 1 lemon, the juice of 1/2 lemon.

The depth of the boss for the reception of the columns is a little more than 7 inches deep on the lower frame, and a little more than 6 inches deep on the upper frame; and the holes through them are so cored out, that the columns only bear at the upper and lower edges of the hole, instead of all through ita formation by which the fitting of the columns is facilitated.

Than where blood-cored carnations stood She fancied richer hues might be, Scents rarer than the purple hood Curled over in the fleur-de-lis.

of Ships coming up with scattery light,p. 4. or of self-knowledge being Cored, after all, in our complacencies?p.

All that I have said in favor of the model vortex gas composed of perforated solids with fluid circulations through them holds without modification for the purely hydro-kinetic model, composed of either Helmholtz cored vortex rings or of coreless vortices, and we are now troubled with no such difficulty as that of the impacts between solids.

It seems to me most probable that the vortex theory cannot fail in any such way, because all I have been able to find out hitherto regarding the vibration of vortices, whether cored or coreless, does not seem to imply the liability of translational or impulsive energies of the individual vortices becoming lost in energy of smaller and smaller vibrations.

"Wen I stayed wid Mrs. Porter her chaps would break out mighty bad wid sores in de fall of de year and I'se told Mrs. Porter I'se could core dat so I'se got me some elder berries en made pies out of hit en made her chaps eat hit on dey war soon cored.

Apple Toddy I Bake slowly two dozen cored apples until done.

* Apple Toddy II Prepare six cored apples by sticking a dozen cloves in each and baking slowly until soft.

The fruit is more easily handled, can be pared thinner and cored more quickly.

Have pared and cored without dividing, six large, easy cooking tart apples.

Arrange in the bottom of a pudding dish four or five good-sized tart apples, which have been pared, cored, and the cavities filled with sugar.

BAKED APPLES Take large, juicy apples, wash and core them well, fill each place that you have cored with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins, and put a clove in each apple.

When cooked, add about six apples, pared, quartered and cored, sugar and cinnamon.

BAKED QUINCES Quinces may be wiped, cored, and quartered; sugar filled in the cavities, and baked same as crab-apples, in a very slow oven three or more hours until clear and glassy.

QUINCES To four quarts of pared, cored and quartered quinces take one and one-half quarts of sugar and two quarts of water.

If large fruit is used have it washed, pared, cored, and quartered.

756 examples of  cored  in sentences