181 examples of if at all in sentences

To what extent, if at all, shall Sunday diversions be restricted?

"It often happens that the careless observer has, for the first time, his attention called forcibly to some appearance of nature by accidental circumstances: if at all superstitious, he immediately prognosticates the most disastrous consequences from that which a little observation would have convinced him was but a phenomenon a little more conspicuous than usual.

IN OBTAINING A SERVANT'S CHARACTER, it is not well to be guided by a written one from some unknown quarter; but it is better to have an interview, if at all possible, with the former mistress.

One thing is clear, that reconciliation can be effected, if at all, only by a fair-minded admission of difficulties inseparable from either system, and by a conscientious criticism of presuppositions.

Destroy or modify the roots, change the seed, and the buds will bloom, if at all, not orchids, but dull brown commonplaces.

And as he followed the slinking form downstairs, he grumbled, "If at all, perhaps.

The rood loft, which is nearest the entrance to the cathedral, is ornamented with figures of the Apostles and Saints, and the exterior panels running along both sides, and divided by small choicely-carved columns, represent a diversity of figures; none, however, seeming to bear much, if at all, on religion.

So many of her fellow-singers had married young and married often, evidently following the advice of a great American humorist, and mostly with disastrous consequences, that Margaret preferred to be an exception, and to marry late if at all.

It seemed to me and to Fitzgerald we had better endeavour to prevent, at a small expense, even if alone, a measure we could only retrieve if it took place at an enormous expense, if at all, and which would in all probability effect the ruin of the Turkish Empire.

The festival in honour of Ceres, the goddess who protected the plebeian order,(46) must have been but little, if at all, later than the plebeian games.

They absorb the solid world, making it of no account beside the spirit world in which we dwell, so that we neither see nor hear nor handle the realities of outward life, but perceive them only, if at all, through filmy veils and apparitions, the haunting offspring of another's mind.

In this contrast, we not only see another reason why the destruction of American slavery is more important than was that of Roman slavery; but we also see, that the Apostles could have been little, if at all, actuated by that motive, which is more urgent than any other in the breasts of the American abolitioniststhe motive of purging the Church of slavery.

It seizes them, if at all, only in desperationrushing from the terror of the avenger's arm.

So far, I had not decided how soon, if at all, I should communicate with him.

They encourage their children to finish high school and to attend college if at all possible; competition for admission is very strong in spite of the continuous building of new schools and universities.

Nor would either of these much vary the sense, if at all; for "circulate" may mean, according to Webster, "to be diffused," or, as Johnson and Worcester have it, "to be dispersed."

Dryden died a papist, if at all a Christian.

If it can be entirely deprived of the sap and of moisture, it undergoes change very slowly, if at all.

Is increased also by off-sets, and blooms (if at all) in July.

So far, intentionally in the case of the drama, and if not intentionally at least practically in that of the ballads, the appeal of the native pastoral impulsetradition it could hardly yet be calledwas to an audience little if at all removed from the actual condition of life depicted.

Drink very sparingly, if at all, while eating, and then do not pour the liquid down the throat like water turned from a pitcher.

By the time the Seely-Hardwickes took their house near Hyde Park Corner, philanthropy was beginning to stale and our leaders to perceive that the rejuvenation of society must be effected (if at all) not by bestowing money on the poor, but by losing it to the rich.

As to Miss Vale," here the smile vanished, "I have been unable to make up my mind just how far she is concerned, if at all.

On reaching Latham it was apparent that Schenectady could not be made before dark, if at all, so we turned to the right into Troy.

Hawking, in those days, was what shooting is in the present; fowling-pieces being scarcely used, if at all.

181 examples of  if at all  in sentences