2396 examples of pillow in sentences

[He strangles her with a Garter, which he snatches from his Leg, or smothers her with a pillow.

But, when thou dost name me to thy lord, Duke Ivo, tell him that I spake thee this: That, whiles I do lie within the green he shall not sleep o' nights but I will be at work with fire and steel, nor rest nor stay until he and the evil of him be purged from this my father's duchy of Pentavalonsay I bid him remember this upon his pillow.

" Barbara gently touched his wet hair and moved his pillow.

She prayed then, with her head beside his on the pillow, and through that prayer and the strange stillness of her lover she received a subtle shock.

"Augusta is prettily laid out, but the place is of little interest; and for the hotel where we stayed, I can only give this advice to its inmates: 'Don't examine a black spot upon your pillow-case; go to sleep at once, and keep asleep if you can.'

The sun is not abed, when I At night upon my pillow lie; Still round the earth his way he takes, And morning after morning makes.

And while on her pillow she softly lay, She knew nothing more till again it was day; And all things said to the beautiful sun, "Good-morning, good-morning!

Again the dragon burst out of the thick darkness, and again Rakush was at the pillow of his master, who rose up at the alarm: but anxiously trying to penetrate the dreary gloom, he saw nothingall was a blank; and annoyed at this apparently vexatious conduct of his horse, he spoke sharply: "Why thus again disturb my rest, When sleep had softly soothed my breast?

One watch had passed, and still sweet slumber shed Its magic power around the hero's head When forth Tahmíneh camea damsel held An amber taper, which the gloom dispelled, And near his pillow stood; in beauty bright, The monarch's daughter struck his wondering sight.

I can cry over its patient small-pox at five, and rougher medicaments I can lay its poor fevered head upon the sick pillow at Christ's and wake with it in surprise at the gentle posture of maternal tenderness hanging over it, that unknown had watched its sleep.

Such hail the end of their existence as a port of refuge; and speak of the grave as of some soft arms, in which they may slumber as on a pillow.

I never laid my head on my pillow, I suppose, from the fourth to the seventh or eighth year of my lifeso far as memory serves in things so long agowithout an assurance, which realized its own prophecy, of seeing some frightful spectre.

I durst not, even in the day-light, once enter the chamber where I slept, without my face turned to the window, aversely from the bed where my witch-ridden pillow was.

It will take the savour from his palate, and the rest from his pillow, for days and nights.

The little creature, having somehow confounded his passage among the intricacies of those lordly chimneys, by some unknown aperture had alighted upon this magnificent chamber; and, tired with his tedious explorations, was unable to resist the delicious invitement to repose, which he there saw exhibited; so, creeping between the sheets very quietly, laid his black head upon the pillow, and slept like a young Howard.

When I slept the haversack was my pillow.

'I never retired to rest without feeling the justness of the Spanish proverb, "Let him who sleeps too much borrow the pillow of a debtor."' Johnson's Works, iv.

But I kept a lock for you;' and feebly she drew from under the pillow a long auburn tress, and tried to wreathe it round his neck, but could not, and sunk back.

"Come on!" Mary lay back on the pillow, senseless.

Every night it lay under his pillow; he had known its contents from childhood, and every day he read a portion; and often as he lay on his couch, he recalled to mind those holy words of comfort, "If I should take the wings of the morning, and remain in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there should Thy hand lead me, and Thy right hand should hold me.

Usually he dropped asleep as soon as his head touched the seat of the saddle he used as a pillow.

The major had not suffered a whisper of the real nature of his errand to escape him, except to his father and the chaplain; and we will now follow him to his apartment, and pass a minute, tête-à-tête, with the young soldier, ere he too lays his head on his pillow.

He lay down on his pillow and was soon dreaming about the uniform of Fabius Cunctator.

Satisfied with a fairly brief inspection I returned to the bed, and arranging the pillow so as to fit the small of my back, picked up the Daily Mail.

Left alone, I lay back on the pillow in a frame of mind which I believe novelists describe as "chaotic."

2396 examples of  pillow  in sentences
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