343 examples of the doom in sentences

He bade them bind and take her First to the mountain's height, That she the doom might suffer Within her husband's sight; But all the lady answered, When she was brought to death, Were words of faith and loyalty Borne on her parting breath: "Behold, I die a Christian, And here repeat my vows Of faithfulness to yonder knight, My loved and lawful spouse.

You are a fool to plead for her, for you will seem more bright and virtuous when she is gone; therefore open not your lips in her favour, for the doom which I have passed upon her is irrevocable.

To this sorrow was now to be added the doom of slavery.

Were life prolonged a thousand lingering years, Death comes at last and ends our mortal fears; Kirshásp, and Sám, and Narímán, the best And bravest heroes, who have ever blest This fleeting world, were not endued with power, To stay the march of fate one single hour; The world for them possessed no fixed abode, The path to death's cold regions must be trod; Then, why lament the doom ordained for all?

To whom Moses answered: The people came to me demanding sentence and the doom of God; when there is any debate or difference among them they come to me to judge them, and to show to them the precepts and the laws of God.

'Yet hope not life from grief or danger free, Nor think the doom of man reversed for thee.

This was the doom of persons of property: to all others, whose estates, real and personal, did not amount to the value of ten pounds, a full and free pardon was graciously offered.

In Italy As to its results in Italy, first of all the Celts were now certainly, if they had not been already beforehand, destined to destruction; and the execution of the doom was only a question of time.

The doom of the Koreitza was wrought out to its terrible end, which was not until set of sun.

But the doom of Edmond Dantès was cast.

All was grand as the subject for which they contended, solemn as the doom to which they seemed, approaching.

All this their eyes had looked upon; earth's proudest city, wasted and thunder-scarred, lying in desolation, and the doom of oppressors traced on her ruins in the hand-writing of God, glaring in letters of fire mingled with blooda blackened monument of wrath to the uttermost against the stealers of men.

As the Israelites were not exterminated, we infer that God did not pronounce that doom upon them; and as he did pronounce upon them the same doom, whatever it was, which they should refuse to visit upon the Canaanites, it follows that the doom of unconditional extermination was not pronounced against the Canaanites.

King Karnos: If the doom fall not at sunset, why then the executioner Voice-of-the-Gods: Your Majesty!

"Is the doom sealed for Hesper?

As if some angel had been sent To lengthen out his government, And to foretell as many years again, As he had number'd in his happy reign, So cheerfully he took the doom Of his departing breath; Nor shrunk nor stepp'd aside for death; But with unalter'd pace kept on, Providing for events to come, When he resign'd the throne.

Providence seems to delight in throwing us together,and if, as unhappily seems too true, the doom of both of us be to live and die in these towers, why should we not" "Live and die together, you would say;" and, in truth, there was reason in this proposal of Isabel.

Great is the doom; you understand; but after all the name must be saved.

The doom which Ezekiel pronounces upon the Edomites in 25 is because of the revenge that they wreaked upon the Jews at this time.

SEE The doom trail.

Alulvan, The doom of lone Alulvan!" THE PEDLAR

Thus was the doom of Deirdré consummated, her lover treacherously done to death, and she herself condemned to bear the hated caress of Concobar, thinking ever of those other lips, in the days of her joy among the northern hills.

May all the youths, like me, by love deceiv'd, Not quench the ruin, but applaud the doom,

This unpopularity is now heaped as a whole upon the publishers, who certainly need not dread the doom awaiting those of whom the world speaks well.

A Tyrolese story tells how it was the doom of a lovely maiden with golden hair to be transported into the belly of a whale if ever a sunbeam fell on her.

343 examples of  the doom  in sentences