343 examples of the doom in sentences

I am going to tell you more of this man, because, as you shall see, he was destined to have much to do with my life, the fate of Dr. Karl Augustus Schermerhorn, and the doom of the Laughing Lass.

Soon will come the doom most dreaded, With a horror that appals; Lo!


To whom Moses answered: The people came to me demanding sentence and the doom of God; when there is any debate or difference among them they come to me to judge them, and to show to them the precepts and the laws of God.

"It is the will of the Madonna San Donatothou canst not refuse to lift the doom!"

Heard'st thou not of yore The doom that she must meet? HERACLES.

P. 27, l. 481, The Argive King.]It was the doom of Heracles, from before his birth, to be the servant of a worser man.

But the doom of Milady was at hand.

And, a man with the doom of his nature heavy upon him, he once more went out into the wood.

The innocent shuddered at the doom of justice.

23 When the doom comes upon thee, 24 and from the fulfilment thou protectest thyself, 25 the doom when fulfilled cut thou off.

Which on their ravish'd ears pour'd thrilling, like The silver sound of many trumpets, heard Afar in sweetest jubilee: then, swift Stretching his dreadful sceptre to the left, That shot forth horrid lightnings, in a voice Clothed but in half its terrors, yet to them Seem'd like the crush of heaven, pronounced the doom.

And so, I trust, when comes the final wreck, Light will, ere long, the doom of matter share.

When Beauty and peace possess us, they are none But as they touch the beauty and peace of men, Nor, when our days are done, And the last utterance of doom must fall, Is the doom anything Memorable for its apparelling; The bearing of man facing it is all.

The doom's now past, submission were in vain.

As a messenger of heaven, I demand that faith; if you do not choose to give it, on your own head be the doom, if there be such, if there be not, you are prepared to risk it.

In "The Two Children" the doom gathers round the child.

The doom of Stark house.

So spoke the judge; Sir Lanval hears the doom, And weens his hour of destiny is come; Quench'd is the lore that erst, in happier day, Won to his whisper'd prayer the willing fay; And the last licence pitying laws devise, Serves but to close the count of miseries!

The day when the keels of the low-Dutch sea-thieves first grated on the British coast was big with the doom of many nations.

May all the youths, like me, by love deceiv'd, Not quench the ruin, but applaud the doom,

So ominous did pass We barred the windows and the doors As from an emerald ghost; The doom's electric moccason That very instant passed.

The doom from which Christianity seeks to save the individual is the doom of moral individualism; the blessedness into which it seeks to lead him is the blessedness of love.

And you know that you and their mother would ruther see 'em lay dead at your feet, than to see 'em enter that door with the doom of the place on 'em.

Before my palace gates a herald stands, Sent hither from the Amphictyons' holy seat, Seeking for news of thee and of thy wife, Crying to Heaven the doom of banishment On both! JASON.

343 examples of  the doom  in sentences