50 adverbs to describe how to pierced

They are often called swords and arrows; and as such they pierce deeply, and cause most grievous smart; which men feeling are enraged, and accordingly will strive to requite them in the like manner and in all other obvious ways of revenge.

The battle did not commence until ten o'clock, owing to the dense fog, through which the light of the sun could scarcely pierce.

They remember how he spoke, and how he read; the tones of a voice of singularly piercing clearness, which was itself a power of interpretation, which revealed his own soul and went straight to the hearts of hearers.

Lastly, I pierced her ears with the silver needles which they used here: and after two hours of it left her.

Take each piece up as soon as it is so tender that a silver fork will pierce it readily.

But yet the memory of Piers sitting on that rock at her feet pierced her oddly; Piers, the passionate, the adoring, the hot-blooded; Piers the invincible; Piers the prince!

CHAPTER VI It was all very wonderful to young Robin when he saw Little John or one of the other men let fly an arrow with a twang of the bow-string and a sharp whizz of the wings through the air, to quiver in a mark eighty or a hundred yards away, or to pierce some flying wild goose or duck passing in a flock high in air; but by degrees that which had seemed so marvellous soon ceased to astonish him, and at last looked quite easy.

Then the heroic and mighty armed Pradyumna, sorely pierced by his adversary about his throat, was enfeebled on his car.

So direful was that blow that the sword of Sir Tristram pierced very deep through the helm of Sir Marhaus and into the brainpan.

When he fell under the witchery of Gladkovska, however, he was genuinely pierced to the heart, and his letters are as full of vague morose yearning as his Préludes.

And her southern birds will wait her coming in vain, Their starry eyes impatiently pierce the palm-trees' shade, And her roses droop in their bowers, alone they'll wither and fade.

How inevitably it pierces through all husks and excrescences to the central beauty!

Heere Pembrooke takes his stand: Come Fraunce and all the world, I will not start Till Philips knightly sword pierce Rodoricks hart.

"As we stood around her, straining to catch again some fragmentary word, she would turn her eyes upon our faces, one by one, as though lovingly piercing our inmost; but though all speech failed, the intense longing of that look outspoke all words....

She took their hands and began to draw them away without another look at Sylvia, who remained behind, drooping, ostracised, pierced momentarily with her first blighting misgiving about the order of things she had always known.

She was mortally pierced.

Thou, perhaps, as now thou rovest Through the busy scenes thou lovest, With an Idler's careless look, Turning some moth-pierced book, Feel'st a sharp and sudden woe For visions vanished long ago!

And so, behold!" Ounenk pointed to his ear, neatly pierced by a buckshot.

A small hole about an inch and a half in length is pierced obliquely in the rock.

The sleek horses paced within the cool grove of trees; the bright sunlight, piercing the screen of leaves overhead, dappled their backs with flecks of gold.

"Is it all over for to-day?" asked the novelist as he stood looking down upon the young man with that peculiarly piercing, baffling gaze.

Pitilessly he pierced their enchanted walls, discovering their pretense, burning away their shadowy glory, baring them for what they weremasses of jumbled rock and splintered spires; rain-gutted wraiths of clay, volcanic rock, the tumbled malpais and the tufa of the land.

I love him, as a mature woman may love,once, Ben, only once; the fire-tipped arrows rarely pierce soul and sense, blood and brain.

Although his eye was remarkably piercing, I perceived in it somewhat of the wildness which always characterizes a Glonglim.

Works, i. 232) when he tells how 'Dr. Priestley's Socinian shield has repeatedly been pierced by the mighty spear of Horsley.'

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