Which preposition to use with pocketed

of Occurrences 528%

A few crackers, in the pockets of each, was all, in the provision line, that we had provided ourselves with, and though, when we saw the moose-tracks in the sand, we had concluded to rough it, for a single night, for the chance of securing such rare game, yet having secured it, that part of our mission was accomplished, and we turned towards home.

for Occurrences 127%

Seeing that it was useless to expect to make out anything, with the light so high, I felt in my pockets for a piece of twine, with which to lower it further into the opening.

with Occurrences 127%

Then he found something, which he pocketed with a cry of satisfaction.

in Occurrences 76%

" In the presence of Gospeler and constables, and loftily regardless alike of their startled wonder and the young man's protests, the maddened uncle of the lost DROOD deliberately examined all the captive's pockets in succession.

on Occurrences 36%

His cap was broken in the rim, and adapted to be put into the pocket on occasion; his clothes were poor, but clean, and very neatly mended, and he wore heavy wooden shoes.

at Occurrences 25%

"None of you happened to hide any food in his pockets at breakfast, I take it?" asked Dan grimly, at last.

without Occurrences 24%

" "Next we'll have to go through the commander's pockets without arousing him.

from Occurrences 20%

There was a letter in his pocket from his uncle bidding him to come to the city without delay; he pushed through the crowd to find Marjorie, "it would be fun to see how sorry she would look," but her father had hurried her out and lifted her into the sleigh, and he saw the gray hat in the moonlight close to her father's shoulder.

inside Occurrences 16%

Turn your pockets inside out, Alf, and let them see what you've gotgo ahead!" All the while Mr. Ellsworth kept saying, "Shh, shh, Roy," but what did I care?

to Occurrences 16%

The great force of the German Château-Thierry offensive established the deep Marne salient, but the enemy was taking chances, and the vulnerability of this pocket to attack might be turned to his disadvantage.

by Occurrences 15%

I would not attract attention to the contents of that pocket by touching it, to assure myself that it was safe, but I had done so just before meeting Di, and I felt certain that nothing could have happened to it since.

as Occurrences 14%

For rheumatism the burdock was in request, and many of our peasantry keep a potato in their pocket as charms, some, again, carrying a chestnut, either begged or stolen.

into Occurrences 8%

" Thus reminded, I took the photograph out of the pocket into which I had slipped it, and looked at it again.

before Occurrences 8%

It would be a poor return to the woman who had saved his life to charge her with theft the next morning; and more, there was something about that girl's face which had made him feel that, if he had seen her put the belt into her pocket before his eyes, he could not have found the heart to have sent her to gaol.

over Occurrences 6%

'If it hadn't ha' been for sleeping in my clothes I suppose he'd ha' 'ad my money as well.' "He felt in 'is pockets anxious-like, then he smiled, and stood there letting 'is money fall through 'is fingers into his pocket over and over agin.

than Occurrences 5%

"And also a great deal more money in the client's pocket than any other complication.

about Occurrences 4%

has he no pockets about him, cannot you search his breeches?

after Occurrences 4%

The girls are not so bad, with clink of gold in the pocket after a cruise.

during Occurrences 4%

It was a long time before they could persuade him to return to his house, where they lodged, and when he did return he remarked that he cared comparatively little about his shoulder to the loss of a purse with fifteen sequins, which had dropped out of his pocket during the tumble.

down Occurrences 3%

From Pigeon's Creek the loafers camefrom Roaring Fork, Cracker's Neck, from the Pocket down the valley, and from Turkey Cove.

like Occurrences 2%

He hums about Westminster Hall, and returns home with his pockets like a bee with his thighs laden; and that which Horace says of an ant, Ore trahit quodcunque potest, atque addit acervo, is true of him, for he gathers all his heap with the labour of his mouth rather than his brain and hands.

next Occurrences 2%

From a pocket next his shirt he drew a small package in oilskin.

between Occurrences 2%

The executioners had divided the garments of Jesus, in order to draw lots for them; his mantle, which was narrow at the top, was very wide at the bottom, and lined over the chest, thus forming a pocket between the lining and the material itself; the lining they pulled out, tore into bands, and divided.

along Occurrences 2%

Anyhow, I guessed right off that he was right, because probably it fell out of Lieutenant Donnelle's pocket along with the change that he spilled all over the deck.

against Occurrences 2%

But, no one there now thought of the risk he ran, it being the Vineyard against Oyster Pond, one Sea Lion against the other, and, in many instances, pocket against pocket.

Which preposition to use with  pocketed