34 Verbs to Use for the Word chargers

Then mounting his favourite charger, Copenhagen, he rode to the positions where his men were posted, and made a careful and thorough inspection.

After these came two other esquires, the one bearing a sword in a white sheath embossed with studs of silver (the belt whereof was of silver with facets of gold) and the other leading a white charger, whose coat was as soft and as shining as silk.

His honored prisoner and guest, riding a splendid black charger of the purest Arab breed, and surrounded by his chiefs, awaited his return from the field.

he saw a tall man bedight in sable armour who bore a naked sword that flashed in the sun and who bestrode a great, white charger.

So cut they bloody path through Pertolepe's deep array, on and forward with darting point and deep-biting edge, unheeding wounds or shock of blows, until Beltane beheld the press yield, thin out, and melt away, thereupon shouted he hoarse and loud, rode down a knight who sought to bar his way, unhorsed a second, and wheeling his snorting charger, wondered at the seeming quiet; then lifting his vizor, looked about him.

Up rose the dust, an eddying cloud wherein steel flickered and dim forms strove, horse to horse and man to man, while Sir Pertolepe, sitting his great white charger, nursed his big chin and, smiling, waited his chance.

~The Call of Duty.~ At early morn, a valiant knight, On prancing charger, richly dight, With helm and lance and armor bright, Rose from his lordly halls: "Now, in this region, round about, There dwell three outlaws, strong and stout: If luck be mine, I'll find them out!

One soldier came spurring on, cutting at the hands of those who would have forced his charger back, and still Barnaby, without retreating an inch, waited for his coming.

"She goes into her father's stable, and takes out his best charger.

Never did the war trumpet inspire the fiery charger, or hounds and horn excite the mettled hunter, as the steam-engine in his rear woke all the energies of Creeping Peter.

There were priests in his army who rode upon asses, and although we cannot imagine that the "fathers" charged with the cavaliers and were unhorsed, or, rather, un-assed in battle, yet, somehow, the asses got rid of their riders and joined the Spanish chargers in their joyous bound into a new life of freedom.

night Well the Cameronian rebels Knew that charger in the fight!

" Now did Beltane stare with eyes of wonder upon Sir Fidelis who managed his fretting charger with a gracious ease, yet held his face ever averted.

Mr. Morgan arranged the devices in four classes, the first being chargers or large dishes, supposed by him to have been fabricated at Nuremburg.

Young squires and knights practiced their chargers on the plain to pass, to wheel, to curvet, that the swords of their riders might not descend amiss on foeman's casque.

Castleman had purchased two beautiful chargers in Basel, pretending that he wished to take them to Peronne for sale.

Still, it is not for the pawn to argue when the fingers of the player move him from the square; so down I went, saddled my big black charger, Rataplan, and set off instantly upon my lonely journey.

Congratulating themselves not a little on having saved the charger and bagged a grizzly bear, the trappers remounted, and returned to the camp.

Then like a stormy sunlight smiled Geraint, Who saw the chargers of the two that fell Start from their fallen lords, and wildly fly, Mixt with the flyers.

Zagonyi rides with surpassing grace, and selects fiery chargers which no one else cares to mount.

The same thrust which had pierced my ankle had slain my charger.

Over this rise the Midland yeomen spurred their chargers and, giving full-throated cheers, dashed through the Turks' left flank guard and went straight for the guns.

BRUNEL'O, a deformed dwarf, who at the siege of Albracca stole Sacripan'te's charger from between his legs without his knowing it.

The iron-studded gate was unbarred, the portcullis raised, the drawbridge dropped, and proudly across it, stepped a red roan charger, bearing the noble guest.

"Officers," says a recent A.C.I., "may use their public chargers for general purposes."

34 Verbs to Use for the Word  chargers