5 Words to use with commandments

The eighth commandment presupposes and assumes the right of every man to his powers, and their product.

There was also much old glass which we removed, and reglazed all the windows tight against the wind, so that what with a high pulpit, reading-desk, and seat for Master Clerk and new Commandment boards each side of the Holy Table, there was not a church could vie with ours in the countryside.

Thus the blow may fall on conscientious commandment-keepers, before the outside masses are involved in the issue at all.

Every commandment standeth in two things, in doing or forbidding, in doing he commanded him to eat of all the trees of Paradise, in forbidding he commanded that he should not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

And if so how terribly cruel such Commandments wereto make the innocent children suffer.

5 Words to use with  commandments