38 Verbs to Use for the Word blasphemies

When I spoke of fighting the English merchants, he held up his hands as if I had uttered blasphemy.

I began to hear the blasphemies, ferocious cries, screams of anger hurled against the cave walls by the men.

To take from thy fellow is evil, to steal from thy lord is worse, but to ravish from Holy Churchper de 'tis sacrilege, 'tis foul blasphemy thriceaye thirty times damned and beyond all hope of redemption!

"Do you dare to speak such blasphemy?"

But even you must see that we cannot have a man received here as Nicholas wasthe most favoured child of the missionwho helps to perpetuate the degrading blasphemies of his unhappy race.

Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses?

Dr. Johnson hated both blasphemy and bawd, but he hated blasphemy most.

It shocked him so much that, rather than admit its truth, he racked his brains in desperation to find arguments to controvert the blasphemy.

Then waxed I like the wind because of this, And ran, like gospel and apocalypse, From door to door, with new anarchic lips, Crying the very blasphemy of bliss.

For neither John nor Christ himself ever did, or indeed could, speak in language more contemptuous of the folly of considering rites as substitutions for moral duty, or in severer words denounce the blasphemy of such an opinion.

We cannot endure such blasphemies; wherefore let them be judged and punished."

I believe that the will of God is most clearly and intelligibly expressed in the teaching of the man Jesus, whom to consider as God, and pray to I esteem the greatest blasphemy.

Listening to Wadakimba's tale, I pictured the crazed man, scorched to tatters, heedless of bruises and burns, scrambling up that difficult and perilous ascent, and hurling his ridiculous blasphemy into the flares of smoke and steam that issued from that vast caldron lit by subterranean fires.

But if that be the case, the very utterance of which is impious, I ask myself how it is that they themselves are not filled with horror to think that they have imagined such abominable blasphemies.

" "Perhaps if thou shouldst go to him and ask in all gentleness, he would leave off blasphemy.

I came here yestereen to find you mouthing blasphemies, and howling like a mad tyke amid a parcel of heathen.

On the next a man groaned and mumbled blasphemy between his groanings.

It is no proof that he was a blasphemer in his heart because he painted blasphemy.

It is one of their pre-occupations to send their children to Sunday School by roundabout roads, lest they should pick up abominable blasphemies.

He walked up to the officer, put his hand on his shoulder, and looking him in the face, said, "From what I have heard of thy military exploits, I supposed thou wert a brave man; but here thou art pouring forth blasphemies, to keep up the appearance of courage, while thy pale face and quivering lips show that thou art in mortal fear.

And, as spoken by man to man in England in the nineteenth century, I consider them calculated to prejudice inquirers, to frighten the unlearned, to unsettle consciences, to provoke blasphemy, and to work the loss of souls.

Sir J. F. Stephen observed: If the law were really impartial and punished blasphemy only, because it offends the feelings of believers, it ought also to punish such preaching as offends the feelings of unbelievers.

He refused the pompous blasphemy of temples and altars, saying that for every true ruler the world was a temple, and all good men were priests.

With a slightly heightened colour, but no flutter of the voice, she repeated her blasphemy; and then, pulling a shilling from her worn purse, tendered it to Geake.

I never will share such blasphemy.

38 Verbs to Use for the Word  blasphemies