8 Metaphors for helmet

The Shereefian helmet is a compromise between the East and West, having a strip of cloth hanging down behind it as far as the shoulders and covering the ears on either side, to take the place of the Arab head-dress.

"I tell you," he exclaimed, in a voice shrill with indignation, "that these helmets are some use!"

Very possibly, this helmet was but an heraldic adornment of his tomb; and, indeed, it seems strange that it has not been stolen before now, especially in Cromwell's time, when knightly tombs were little respected, and when armor was in request.

And in another second my helmet came a whack, fit to split, against the niggers' canoe.

The concussion given to his person in descending caused the helmet to become a hood; the pot slipped down over his face, and resting with the rim upon his neck, stuck fast there; enclosing his whole head as completely as ever that of a new born child was enclosed by the filmy bag, with which nature, as an indication of future good fortune, sometimes invests the noddles of her favourite offspring.

Into the muddy but eminently sweet water most of them waded; helmets became cups, hands scooped up the water, there were gasps of joy and refreshment and blessing on the cool wave so long needed.

The spiked helmet is never an amiable head-dress; "but," said the representative Prussian, "there is no help for it.

"Let the helmet of Navarre (Henry's own country) be to-day the Royal Standard of France.

8 Metaphors for  helmet