26 Words to use with defense

SEE Seidemann, Henry P. Effects of the defense program on prices, wages, and profits.

This political diversity along the defense perimeter of the Roman Empire existed in a chaos ranging from questioned authority to open defiance and military challenges to Rome and the threat of Romanization.

Our investigators were arrested without warrant; solicitors for our defense fund met with the same fate.

Defense et illustration d'avignon.

Germany had prepared an elaborate defense system to cover the direct approaches to Berlin, and the fortresses of Danzig, Graudenz, Thorn, and Posen were important points in this scheme.

If that special U. S. defense tax goes through.

for Engineering defense training course.

Defense et illustrations de la maison francaise.

To secure this, the allies and the United States of America shall be empowered to occupy all German forts, fortifications, batteries, and defense works of all kinds in all the entrances from the Cattegat into the Baltic, and to sweep up all mines and obstructions within and without German territorial waters without any question of neutrality being raised, and the positions of all such mines and obstructions are to be indicated.

Charles Addams (A); 2Jun69; R462668. Of course, if he leaves for a defense job we're licked; gargantua as pin boy.

> Sentences: The defense objection to the first of these points.

Two devices were used to meet this situation: money to facilitate exchange and a defense organization to deal with intruders.

Moments earlier the pirate leader had received a message which informed him of the launch time of Earth's freighters and other details of Earth's defense plan.

And even these blockheads are beginning to get tired of my self-defense pleas.

Far from it: each nation would retain, for defense purposes, the mass of its manhood and the larger fraction of its limited equipment, while a minor fraction would be contributed to the world court.

The battalion is the attack unit or the defense unit, whether operating alone or as part of a regiment.

In words similar to those Troy Putnam had used weeks earlier, Zimbardo demanded control of Earth's wealth and resources, with specific demands for access to Earth's coded defense mechanisms, authority over major ports of travel, and power over the major decision-making processes and information systems.

"You cur!" replied the defense attorney in a low voice, "you know who is responsible for this boy's condition."

It loosed its torpedo defense batteries on bows, star-board, and port, and stood its ground as if more anxious to help the many sailors in the water than to save itself.

"Upon my word, sir, if his folly has no other proof than an adoration of your daughter," the colonel protested, "I must in self-defense beg leave to differ with you.

Two days before the executionwhen the defense committee had mobilized a great movement in Chicagotables for signing petitions to the governor had been set up in the city streets, the able police of Chicago, worthy ancestors of those police who murdered eleven steel strikers at the Republic plant on Memorial Day, 1937, suddenly discovered a bunch of "bombs" in the jail where the men were held.

no surrender!, Phr. defense not defiance; Dieu defend le droit

On the one hand, human life depends on the word of a judge, who may err in the case of capital punishment; and society cannot end the life of a man, unless the necessity of legitimate self-defense demands it.

An army of volunteers and novices is converted into a military establishment which becomes a state within the state, extending its control until it makes policy, selects top leaderships and carries on its internal feuds and wars of succession dividing the defense forces and using them for partisan purposes.

Something had to be done and in self-defense industries began to coalesce in enormous "trusts" and "combines" and monopolies.

26 Words to use with  defense