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413 example sentences with  feare

413 example sentences with feare

I see the boyling Phlegeton And the dull poole feared of them we feare, The dread and terror of the Gods themselves; The furies arm'd with linkes, with whippes, with snakes, And my owne furies farre more mad then they, My mother and those troopes of slaughtred friends.

Shadowes and fond imaginations, Which now (you see) on earth but children feare.

Why should our faults feare punishment from them?

Hath feare encourag'd him and made him thus Prevent our punishment?

But least the feare of death appall my mind, Sweet gentlemen, let me this fauour find, That you wil vale mine eyesight with this scarfe; That, when the fatall stroke is aymde at me, I may not start but suffer patiently.

Agreed, giue me; Ile shadow ye from feare, If this may do it.

Then suffer me that stands in feare of nought.

Because the wagge, possest with doubtful feare Least I would beate him for a fault he did, Amongst those trees I do suspect hees hid.

Nay, feare not to discouer what you are; It may be we may remedie your care.

In vaine I feare, I beate my braines about, Proouing by search to finde my mistresse out.

And yet I feare to call vpon thy name: The pratling Eccho, should she learne the same, The last words accent shiele no more prolong But beare that sound vpon her airie tong.

Adorned with the presence of my loue The woods, I feare, such secret power shal proue As they'll shut vp each path, hide euery way, Because they still would haue her go astray, And in that place would alwaies haue her seene Only because they would be euer greene, And keepe the wingged Quiristers still there To banish winter cleane out of the yeare.

About the businesse now that I am sent, To sleepes black Caue I will incontinent;[109] And his darke cabine boldly will I shake Vntill the drowsie lumpish God awake, And such a bounsing at his Caue Ile keepe That if pale death seaz'd on the eyes of sleepe Ile rowse him up; that when he shall me heare He make his locks stand vp on end with feare.

Here he comes: offend him not, Ioculo, for feare he turne thee to a Iacke an apes.

But Phoebus such disdain to me doth beare As hardly we shal win his graunt I feare.

In sooth me thinkes the breech becomes her well; And might it not make their husbands feare them Wold all the wives in our town might weare them.

within a cave, with feare affright, She sits to shun Appollos angry view Until she sees what of our prayers ensue, If we can reconcile his love or no, Or that she must continue in her woe.

To the astonishment of all your Army, Who faintly now recoyle with feare and terrour Not daring to offend so great a power.

The light and sound are vanisht, but my feare Sticks still upon my forehead: what's written here?

not very farre, I feare.

For feare they should not kisse agen; but, met, They blush for joy, as happy Lovers doe After a long divorce when they encounter.

Did not my present fortunes and my vowes, Register'd in the Records of Heaven, Tye me too strictly from such thoughts as these, I feare me I should softly yeeld to what My yet condition has beene stranger to.

We finde the spirits often suffisticated By many accidents, but yet not mortified; A sudden feare will doe it.

Pray, thanke the King, and tell him I am ready To cry a charge; tell him I shall not sleepe Till that which wakens Cowards, trembling with feare, Startles me, and sends brave Musick to mine eare; And that's the Drumme and Trumpet.

Oh, then I feare the striving to expresse The virtue of a good wife hath begot

Victoria: in my name there's conquest writ: I therefore feare no threat[e]nings!

I could have troubled you with a longer epistle, but I feare to stay you from the booke, which affords better words and matter than I can.

A Bastard have I by her; and that Cocke Will have (I feare) sharpe spurres, if he crow after Him that trod for him.

Tis Aqua Coelestis, no venome; for, when you shall claspe up those wo books, never to be open'd againe; when by letting fall that Anchor, which can never more bee weighed up, your mortall Navigation ends: then there's no playing at spurne-point with thunderbolts: a Vintner then for unconscionable reckoning or a Taylor for unreasonable Items shall not answer in halfe that feare you must.

She playes true Musicke, Sir: The mischiefes you are drench'd in are so full You need not feare to add to 'em; since now No way is left to guard thy rest secure But by a meanes like this.

Of this danger The feare afflicts the King.

Out of that feare Will I beget truth; for my selfe in person Will sound the Kings brest.

and here she hath sent something to you wrap'd up in a white sheet; you need not feare to open it, 'tis no coarse.

Feare you I cannot fetch it off?

How long shall this lyke-dying lyfe endure, And know no end of her owne mysery, But wast and weare away in termes unsure, 'Twixt feare and hope depending doubtfully!

Such selfe-assurance need not feare the spight Of grudging foes, ne favour seek of friends:

The doubt which ye misdeeme, fayre Love, is vaine, That fondly feare to lose your liberty, When, losing one, two liberties ye gayne, And make him bond that bondage earst did fly.

And let them make great store of bridale poses, 45 And let them eke bring store of other flowers, To deck the bridale bowers: And let the ground whereas her foot shall tread, For feare the stones her tender foot should wrong, Be strewd with fragrant flowers all along, 50 And diapred** lyke the discolored mead.

Fair Sun! shew forth thy favourable ray, And let thy lifull* heat not fervent be, For feare of burning her sunshyny face, Her beauty to disgrace.

Spread thy broad wing over my Love and me, That no man may us see; 320 And in thy sable mantle us enwrap, From feare of perrill and foule horror free.

Run bare-foot vp and downe, Threatning the flame [Sidenote: flames] With Bisson Rheume: A clout about that head, [Sidenote: clout vppon] Where late the Diadem stood, and for a Robe About her lanke and all ore-teamed Loines, A blanket in th'Alarum of feare caught vp.

I feare if you goe hence all will not long be well.

I know not what besides my feare; and that Beggs I may share your fortune, since you may not Take up such safety here as I have.

In such a Cloud: what feare hath enterd here?

I begin to feare her, she does Dally with her affection: I admire itt.

The simple entertain[m]ent you receave here I feare will scare you from us: you're so early Up, you do not sleepe well.

O, we feare not them: shall we goe, sir?

Tis well my Enemie is a woman; I should feare else to suppose the meeting.

Tho. Freind, Ere I begin my story I would wish you Collect yourselfe, awake your sleeping Spiritts, Invoake your patience, all thats man about you To ayd your resolution; for I feare The newes I bring will like a palsie shake Your soules indifferenst temper.

Gentle freind, An humor, heavy as my soule was steep'd In Lethe, seases on me and I feare My passion will inforce me to transgresse Manhood; I would not have thee see me weepe; I prethee leave mee, solitude will suite Best with my anguish.

I come to aske a question, which the winds; If I could deafe them, should not heare for feare Their repercussive Eccho should declare it To all our infamies.

Madam, feare nothing, be not troubled; the Goast meant no harme to you, uppon my life he did not; Goe to and goe to, I say and I sayt, he did not.

Feare it not; yonder she goes; I'll tell her of it, sheele not denie it.

Tis too sad a truth; and I, After all meanes to save their life was past, Lookd to my owne and got the shore: their bodies I feare the violence of the tide has carried Into the Sea by this time.

should I but spend The weakest accent of my breath in sighes Or vaine compunction, I should feare I sinnd Against my will, then which I doe confes Noe other diety.

She has deliv[er']d So many strang distractions that I feare Sheele act some wilfull violence on her selfe

Alas, I feare shees Irrecoverable.

It were a sinne To feare you can retract what both our lipps Have seal'd, and loose a happines so neare And so secure.

I must have some Cordiall water for Sir Francis; I feare this fitt will kill him.

With feare of being hang'd for his projections. Cou.

Ile walke no further; if you have a secret To impart, you need not feare this place; the trees And hedges will not listen.

This all your feare?

No, I doe feare to loose my tyme, my businesse, And my witts too, jolting them all away To waite on you in prouder Coaches.

If she should fall asleepe with the tother knight it is not possible I should hold out till morning; that which would fright away an Ague would put me into a feare, I shall ha the toothache indeed with counterfeiting; I have knowne some men caught the stammers so; my gums begin to murmure, there is a feare all over my flesh, she will stay so long, and then- Ri. coughs.

If she should fall asleepe with the tother knight it is not possible I should hold out till morning; that which would fright away an Ague would put me into a feare, I shall ha the toothache indeed with counterfeiting; I have knowne some men caught the stammers so; my gums begin to murmure, there is a feare all over my flesh, she will stay so long, and then- Ri. coughs.

they are lin'd with butter, Sir, and feare no Dropsie.

He was ever troubled with Devices in his head; I stronglie feare he must have his scull open'd, His brains are very foule within.

Take comfort, Janus; never feare thy head Which to the quick belongs, not to the dead.

[Sidenote: A foolish feare of Portugals.]

why he will make the cold stones sweate for feare of him, a day or two before he come at them.

My Lord, my want of Courtship makes me feare I should be rude, and this my meane estate Meetes with such envie, and detraction, Such misconstructions and resolud misdoomes Of my poore worth, that should I be advaunce'd Beyond my unseene lowenes, but one haire, I should be torne in peeces with the Spirits That fly in ill-lungd tempests through the world, Tearing the head of vertue from her shoulders

Hold thy doubt friend, never feare any woman, unlesse thyselfe be made of straw, or some such drie matter, and she of lightning.

Oh I should shame your physsycke, though indeede Tys the kyngs evyll I am trobled with, But such a rare kyngs evyll that I feare My chyldrens chyldren wilbe taynted with't.

And I feare what will followe.

I doe not feare infection.

O doe not feare; my bountye shall exceede The power of thyne askynge; thou shalt treade Uppon the heads of prynces.

A thynks me fallinge & avoyds my swindge Least I should fall on hym, nor helps me forwarde To dryve away the feare of douted ruyne.

Perhapps thys present mynute he reveales My systers whoredome, or to take away All feare of my revendge he now contryves That my sadd deathe may fynishe my disgrace.

He may guesse At secrett workings & confyrme my feare.

Come, no more; I faythe I love thee dearelye, trust uppon't; And to abandon feare on eyther parte, Give the dead carcasse lodginge in the ground: We bothe are safe & thys newe frendshypp sounde.

Yet no newse of my brother: as I live The youth is valyent, feare deters hym not.

For in such tearms I meane to sett hym fourthe As shall even burst hys gall with agonye: Nay, it shall make hym never darre t'apeare Where men resorte, or knowe ought but hys feare.

Feare you not, Madam; I am well prepar'd.

I feare thy soule will burne in flames of hell, Unless repentance wash wash away thy sinne With clensing teares of true contrition.

As for our vowes, feare not their violence; God will forgive on hartie penitence.

Pure cowardice, for feare to cracke thy necke With the huge Caos of thy bodies waight, Hath sure begot this true contrition.

Could neither nature, feare of punishment, Scandall to wife and children, nor the feare, Of Gods confounding strict severitie, Allay the head-strong furie of thy will?

Oh then I know the tinder of your feare.

Speake softly, sonne, let not thy mother heare; She was almost dead before for very feare.

Tush, wyfe, feare not; think'st thou Ile quale[102] a churchman?

Naye, feare not, pretty guerles; The fryars them selfs, weare they not at theire prayers Wold have doon more than this in just defens Of theire immunityes; but in theire absens I stand for them, nor shall you part from hence Or dare to sqeelche till they themselves be judge.

heere are a company to Gratulate these nuptials, have prepard a showI feare not worth the sightif you shall deeme to give them the beholding of it.

In the MS. follow two lines that have been scored through: "And not deteine, for feare t'bee to my cost, Though both my kisse and all my paynes be lost." Widgeon (like woodcock) is a term for a simpleton.

Mrs. Migat affirmeth yt goodwife Segr came to her at ye hedge corner belonging to their house lot, and their spake to her but what she could not tell, wch caused Mrs. Migatt (as she sayth) to (turn) away wth great feare.

Godman, and spake to her of it, and that night Betty Brewster was in a most misserable case, heareing a most dreadfull noise wch put her in great feare and trembling, wch put her into such a sweate as she was all on a water when Mary Miles came to goe to bed, who had fallen into a sleepe by the fire wch vsed not to doe, and in ye morning she looked as one yt had bine allmost dead.... "Mris.

A and B] hotter I feare then yours.

My good Lord I will not, your Lordship is mistaken, Feare not Lord.

Mar. It is my dutie, I feare you will kill your selfe: I am a subject,

Mar. God put into your bosome temperate thoughts, He leave you though I feare.

though I know it for a lie Made out of feare to save thy stained life: