61 Verbs to Use for the Word moustaches

His eyes drooped, half-closed beneath blond brows; a long wiry hand lazily twisted a rather affected blond moustache, his voice drawled his speech in a manner either insufferably condescending and impertinent, or ineffably tired,who could tell which?

Is it proper for me, as a clergyman, to wear moustaches? Answer.

His soft hat was pulled over his eyes; he stroked softly his little moustache; I caught the white puff of his cigarette.

He passed hours with the boy, who rode on his chest, pulled his great moustaches as if they were driving reins, and spent days with him in indefatigable gambols.

He was pointing out changes to a lad who was in his company; and, calling for sherry and water, he listened to the music, and twirled his moustaches with great enthusiasm.

" Mr. Cassilis stared, his hand began to stroke and caress his small, black moustache, and he viewed Bellew from his dusty boots up to the crown of his dusty hat, and down again, with supercilious eyes.

" "It is his Chinese wife," declared Chantel, preening his moustache.

Then Colonel Newcome walked away for a minute or two, and came back wiping his moustache with his handkerchief, and still holding the key in the other hand.

"It is fortunate that you have grown a moustache since you were in the north; you could not have been a Marine as a clean-shaven man.

Their eyes were scarcely open, and they lay huddled together like three enormous striped kittens, and spat at us and bristled their little moustaches much as an angry cat would do.

Yvan, Pelletier, Gindrier, and Doutre shaved off their moustaches and beards.

" Rushford bit his moustache savagely and resolved to have an explanation with Monsieur Pelletan.

Goldberger was annoyed; that was evident enough from the nervous way in which he gnawed his moustache; but he had no theory any more than the police; there was not a scintilla of evidence to fasten the crime upon any one; and the end of the hearing was that the jury brought in a verdict that Philip Vantine and Georges Drouet had died from the effects of a poison administered by a person or persons unknown.

"And Gilbert Forrester," she cried, turning archly on her husband, "said that wasn't funny!" Gilly tugged his gray moustache, in high good-nature.

He has a long face, pale, and adorned with a heavy, drooping moustache, which adds much to the solemn impression made by his countenance.

" The shepherd lifted his moustache again and spat; when he spoke his eyes held steadily and sadly on the little stone, which he had missed again.

One might as well judge of Sandow's strength, not by his performances, but by the kind of wax he puts on his moustache!

Every fellow had whitened his belts, burnished his arms, curled his moustache, and was scowling his manliest for Uncle Sam's approval.

"Father particularly noticed your moustache," she said.

Just a few days' grace, in order to purchase moustache and beard and wig, exactly similar to what he had himself shaved off.

If there is a youth of our acquaintance who despairs of ever raising a fine moustache, we would remind him of that comforting apothegm of the Spanish: "Un cabello haze sombra""The least hair makes a shadow."

At that moment, the gentleman, taking advantage of the pause to light a cigar, looked up, and I recognised the black moustache and sinister countenance of Monsieur de Simoncourt.

I was washing the potatoes when I looked up to find a pair of the fiercest, reddest moustaches I have ever seen, ornamenting the doorway.

When I was a mid-Victorian nut With a delicate taste in ties, A highly elegant figure I cut, At least in my own fond eyes, And used to regard unwaxed moustaches As one of the worst of social laches.

"I'd rather rub the moustache of the lion in the zoo than touch that black devil!" Bart at that moment led in the cowpony and Calder started to remove the saddle.

61 Verbs to Use for the Word  moustaches