50 collocations for milking

"Anybody milked the cow yet?

When day came the Cyclop awoke, and kindling a fire, made his breakfast of two other of his unfortunate prisoners, then milked his goats as he was accustomed, and pushing aside the vast stone, and shutting it again when he had done, upon the prisoners, with as much ease as a man opens and shuts a quiver's lid, he let out his flock, and drove them before him with whistlings (as sharp as winds in storms) to the mountains.

Leave me, sir; I will go milk my ewes, and weep.

Will Rheid found her in time to persuade her to let him milk Brindle, for he was really afraid he would get his hand out, and it would never do to let his wife do all the milking when his father bequeathed him a fifth of his acres and two of his hardest-to-be-milked cows.

Truth, sir, is a cow which will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull."

On the masters side of the door is another image, having the udder of a mare, being the tutelary deity of the men who milk the mares.

And every time I'll milk the kine He'll have his sharethe luck be mine!

[Illustration: Betty milks the Cows, while John cuts down trees.

Then of that legion none stood idle, none Gaped listless at the herd, with naught to do: But one drew near and milked them, binding clogs Of wood with leathern thongs around their feet: One brought, all hungering for the milk they loved, The longing young ones to the longing dams.

or when the goat stood handy, suffer her To nurse her firstling, and himself go milk a blatant cur? COMETAS.

The inhabitants of Lapland and the north of Sweden give to milk the consistence of cream by pouring it warm from the cow upon the leaves of this plant, and then instantly straining it and laying it aside for two or three days till it acquires a degree of acidity.

They are fain to milk themselves i'th' Country.

Sometimes they would neglect to feed the horses or to milk the cowssomething like that.

or when the goat stood handy, suffer her To nurse her firstling, and himself go milk a blatant cur? COMETAS.

"When de War was right on us, grub was scarce an' sometimes little niggers only had clabber milk an' dey et it in de trough wid de pigs, an' sometimes dey only had pie crusts an' bread crusts at night when dey et on de cabin flo'.

Sir Edmondbury first, in woful wise, 20 Leads up the show, and milks their maudlin eyes.

Cattle were fed, cows milked fires lighted, and everything pursued its course, in the order of May.

The men are great travellers, and go to Rome in the winter to sell their cheese, or to milk a flock of goats in the street at daybreak, selling the foaming canful for a sou.

Meat in Paris in the autumn of 1816 was 24 francs the kilo, and milk 1 franc the quarter litre, not to mention eggs and butter, which were delicacies far beyond the reach of cultured, well-born people like myself.

Did you suppose we were going to milk the Gentiles and not ever shed any blood?"

but she milked a heap of 'em.

Every day he milked his large herd of cows and got a great quantity of milk; he asked his friend the cow what he was to do with it and she told him to pour it into a hole in the ground at the foot of a pipal tree Every day he poured the milk into the hole and one day as he was doing so out of the hole came a large snake and thanked him for his kindness in supplying the milk and asked him what reward he would wish to receive in return.

The women milked the late-come kye, The children raced in laughing glee; Like sheep from out the fold of the sky Stars leapt and stared at earth and sea.

And the swart ploughman for his breakfast stay'd, That he might till those lands were fallow laid; The hills and vailles here and there resound With the re-echoes of the deep-mouth'd hound; Each shepherd's daughter, with her cleanly peal, Was come afield to milk the morning's meal.

Krishna, having graduated from tending the calves, is milking a cow, his mind filled with brooding thoughts.

50 collocations for  milking